When you bring us your unwanted waste you are keeping it away from the land fills. The material is composted and the bugs are raised in order to feed the flocks of chickens at Blue Star Ranch.

We are "hatching up a plan" to donate eggs to the Austin area food banks as this program gets underway.

Help us at Blue Star Ranch to help our neighborhood and local food banks by donating your recyclable food products for composting and feeding chickens. By donating your unwanted or wasted food scraps This will benefit our environment, reduces landfill use, and creates a sustainability cycle in our community.

Zero Food Waste - Austin Texas 

Here at Blue Star Ranch in Hudson Bend area we are starting our own Zero Waste program. Here at our address on Hudson Bend.  Feel free to drop us your unwanted or wasted produce and foods for organically composting into our recycle chicken feed program.

We offer raising chickens classes for FREE to the community! This is how we give back to everyone in Austin.

So individuals or business can call us anytime at 281-627-8009 or email at sales@bluestar-ranch.com to set up a drop off time.

At this time we are composting raw or cooked fruits, vegetable scraps peelings, coffee grounds and spent grains in part. We do not accept plastic, glass or metal.

Meeting With Organics By Gosh In Austin

Phil and Donna Gosh  Donated Compost To Blue Star Ranch Thank You! 

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