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Video: Chicks or Pullets
which is best for my new flock?

Baby chicks are so cute and fuzzy. But be aware if you have never raised babies there is a lot of start up costs and expenses. Basically, a $3 or $5 chick can cost you up to $100 or more for basic supplies.
You can get "started or juvenile" chicks ages 8-16 weeks old. They can be put in outdoor coops or runs. The overall costs are less for older chicks or pullets, if you are just getting started with your chicken hobby.

All of our chicks and pullets are: fed organic foods, de-wormed each season, immunized for Marek's disease. Because we use organic probiotic products, this eliminates the need for antibiotics. We do NOT use any antibiotics at Blue Star Ranch. If you do not use probiotics you will need to use antibiotics that may not be as effective for your chickens health. Examples are Amprolium or Corrid, Sulmet an antibacterial medicine to prevent Cocci, & LS-50 to prevent "MG" or Tylan to prevent "CRD."
All chickens feathers are powdered with DE to prevent mites. As well as fed high protein quality feeds. All chickens over 8 weeks old are "seasoned" meaning ready to stay in outdoor pens or coops. Your chickens are color leg  banded for proof. Be sure to read our healthy coop page. As also look at a new product to ensure your chicken health.
We use certified organic probiotics in our coop to destroy the bad bacteria that is created by pathogens. Antibiotics are rarely if ever needed in the coop due to the fact that probiotics replace unnecessary and dangerous medicines. Probiotics are all organic and all natural.
Any seller that does not USE ANY preventative medications, or adopts healthy organic practices for their chickens may be risking their chickens health, and your health as well.



Blue Star allows you to personally examine every chicken before you purchase her to be sure you are getting a quality hen.

Ages: Started pullets are 12-16 weeks old and start laying eggs at age 26-28 weeks on average. So you should get eggs real soon. When choosing your breed of chickens basic commercial non fancy chickens are the most hardy of breeds. The general rule: The "fancier the breed" in feathering or colors... the less hardy the breed or less immunity to diseases.
Best "starter" breed of chickens MOST resistant to weather and illnesses: Gold Sex Links, Dark (or other color Cornish) and White Leghorn.
We don't take chances with our chickens health. We are pro-active in our avian care.