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Are you keeping older hens that have stopped laying and you just "can't bear the thought" of someone eating your pets or you just don't want to think about harvesting your chickens for soup? Compost is another reason to keep your hens for "compost pets" and allow them to stir your compost, eat the bugs. Reward them for the free eggs that you got! They will feed themselves, at no cost to you, and provide you with valuable chicken droppings. So now you can keep your old hens and they still serve a purpose.

Blue Star Ranch uses our chicken compost to the fullest. We plant gardens as often as possible and when the seasons allow. When we clean our coops on a regular basis, but the large jobs are done seasonally, we do have compost for sale. Most of the time we give away this most valuable garden necessity.

Here are some kinds of

vegetables that we harvest.

How To Use Valuable Chicken Compost