We NOW! Deliver Chickens  & Feed! Austin, Round Rock, George Town, San Antonio, Bastrop, and more areas too. Chickens can be picked up and we do not ship chickens or eggs. If distance is a consideration, ask your friend or family member to purchase the chickens for you and meet you half way from your destination. NEW! Blue Star Ranch is starting to deliver chickens to local Austin area!
Bring your own container and supplies to transport your new chickens home. You can choose your pet and bring your own containers.
Blue Star makes the following suggestions. Keep a dish for water and a carrier with open air holes for breathing. After choosing your chickens, keep air conditioner on in your car for a comfortable ride home.

Your chickens can now be ordered by breed or size (pre-ordered online or pay at the ranch) and we will have your order of live pet chickens in the carrier ready for your to take home!

Please text or email us with the breed or age of chickens that you prefer. Let us know when you are in route and ETA (estimated time of arrival) and your new chickens will be ready to go home with you. Of course! Take a peek to see your new flock of chickens and best egg laying friends before you leave. Boxes will be marked with breeds and age of chickens. We will ONLY put chickens in the box when we receive a text that you are 30 minutes away from the ranch location.

Also, Blue Star Ranch DELIVERS pet chickens and top quality feeds!
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Blue Star Ranch now provides pet carriers $12 each 

​Pick Up -  Delivery & Transporting Live Poultry

Call or text us in advance 281-627-8009 if you know the breed or age of chickens that you prefer to purchase. We carry many common and a few rare breeds too. You can pay for chickens at your pick up or pre-pay in advance.

 (We will crate your chickens in transport box 30 minutes before your arrival - TEXT us when you are on your way!)

Your new chickens will be inspected by Blue Star Ranch for health and age/sex. Also be sure to open the box to see your new friends before leaving with your purchase.

Your new chickens will be waiting for you at pick up in the FREE transport box. Minimum 3 chicken purchase for FREE transport box.

Blue Star Ranch now provides pet carriers $12 each 

We deliver chickens - Non GMO Feed and Coops In Austin and Surrounding Cities!

Call 281-627-8009


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IMPORTANT! Keep your chickens in a calm and quiet location for the first several days after you bring them home. Too much noise, activity, and disruption can "overstress" chickens. (dogs barking, kids chasing them, lots of people handling and petting them) Give your chickens a chance to get settled.. they are animals with real feelings and need to be treated well. You will have plenty of time to get to know them. TOO MUCH STRESS OR EVEN MOVING POULTRY TO NEW PENS MAY CAUSE YOUR CHICKENS TO BECOME SICK! READ THIS PAGE ABOUT Mycoplasma Gallisepticum (M.G)AND HOW TO KEEP CHICKENS HEALTHY.

***please have your suitable containers ready to load chickens (we prefer) crates, wire cages, or pet carriers to carry chickens home. *** if you bring boxes be sure to include air holes and tape. 
*** for orders over 25 chickens you must call prior to arrival for important details on transportation of poultry ***

 Once the chickens are in your possession and out of our pens, it is YOUR responsibility for their safety..... Please take care of your new pet.

Chicken Breeds List​

Please know in advance about the breeds that you wish to purchase 

If you do not know the specifics about each breed we can choose the chickens for you to take home. Since there are hundreds of chicken breeds we cannot teach you information about them on pickup date. This is why we ask you to know in advance what kind of chickens that you want.

We DELIVER live pet chickens & feed 

in transport boxes $12 each box

Call 281-627-8009 

Minimum order is four hens or pullets.  To schedule delivery