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Texas ‘Chicken Lady’ Shares a Unique Way to a Steady Source of Food & Income in a Rapidly Changing World

Mary Ann Fordyce explains how chickens can be used as currency as well as a food source during economically difficult times.

Austin, Texas - Mary Ann Fordyce has been raising chickens in her own backyard at the Blue Star Ranch for the past 14 years, a venture that was started out of sheer necessity in order to put food on the table. But Mary Ann quickly began to realize that her chicken hobby had tremendous financial possibilities. She now operates a lucrative business out of the Blue Star Ranch, teaching people how to grow and produce chickens, not just for meat and eggs, but also for a steady source of income.

“Chickens are a highly valuable resource,” says Mary Ann. “And in these uncertain times, there’s no better way to ensure the future of yourself and your family.”

Mary Ann points out that chickens were commonly raised for income during the Great Depression.  Chickens are also used as currency in many countries around the world, and, indeed, in some countries, anyone with chickens is considered to be wealthy.

“If our economy takes a turn for the worse, and all indications lead me to suspect that it will, the information I have to share could be a life-saver for a lot of people.  I predict that the dollar will crash and a new currency backed by gold will take its place, and I’m not the only one thinking this. That’s why I wrote my book and created my videos.”Mary Ann’s book:  Six Chickens to Six Figures!, available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback formats, passes on the author’s hard-earned experience and expertise to those interested in turning their own backyard into a phenomenal 

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source of income.  She has also created a multitude of videos on every conceivable aspect of the business of raising chickens.

“Some people are growing chickens just for fun and as a hobby,” she adds. “Which is fine, but I do think it’s time to get serious and understand that chickens will certainly be used as currency in many parts of the US when the dollar crashes. And I know I’m opening myself up to be laughed at, but that’s a small price to pay!”

Mary Ann points out that it doesn’t take much money to get started, and it also doesn’t require much backyard space.  Her book and videos provide all the information needed to get started and, for those who are really serious, end up with a six-figure income. It’s a business that can also provide a good part-time income for retirees or people of any age, in any part of the country.

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About Mary Ann Fordyce

The owner of Blue Star Ranch in Austin Texas, Mary Ann Fordyce is a multi-award-winning photographer and sales professional with 45 years of experience in professional marketing and sales. She has an international following of readers who subscribe to her blogs, website and videos on a daily basis.

Disabled as a result of several neurological and muscular problems, Mary Ann does not take any medications, drugs or alcohol, but finds that chickens, along with meditation and acupuncture, are a way for her to cope with chronic illness and pain.

 This remarkable lady is passing her hard-earned experience along to others who also wish to build a successful backyard chicken business. Along with her book and online video library, she also offers private consulting and mentorship to those willing to do the work.