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Join local poultry clubs or forums to meet people in your same field. Consider spending time helping poor or a charity. 

If you "breed" chickens, will you have a market for roosters? Many people plan on breeding but forget the time, money, space and food that lots of roosters can cost your business.

Consider joining market days or garden clubs in your areas and meet like minded nature enthusiasts.

You MUST have a predator control plan in place before starting your chicken business.

Think of profits in "pennies" not dollars as much of your income will go right back into your business.

Raising chickens for our family has been well.... "my nest egg" for our families future. Raising chickens is a secure business model for steady income. There is a steep learning curve to raising chickens and running a business at the same time. So are you thinking about entering the field of agriculture? You must have a secret desire to work hard in all kinds of weather from dawn to dusk seven days a week, AND be broke at the same time! Seriously, raising a flock of chickens IS hard work. BUT with experience raising chickens can be profitable.
To get started for the first 3 years or so until you can get automated machines plan on a 10 hour day working in one form or another for your poultry farm by; purchasing, growing or delivering feed to chickens and or constant repair of your coop is actually common place if you want a great coop and healthy chickens. Not to mention the accounting aspect.
Well, for the first three years you can count on working hard, live with losses (not your fault, mostly weather or accident related) and put more money IN rather than take money OUT.
Now the good part. Well the happiness and joy you feel can't be measured! Did I mention the "warm fuzzy feeling" you will get when holding a fresh baby chick just dried from hatching? watching  baby chicks discover their toes? or food? or listening to your hens cackle when lay eggs? Watching your hens tussel over a scrap of food? or even the most fun! chicken "bug fights?"  Oh,and eating fresh eggs? Well, I guess its worth it after all!

Most people that start in ANY business last for 5 years or less.Those are REAL facts, all businesses and not just the chicken business. What to do to make your business work? (Roll up your sleeves and take notes here!)

Find a mentor or business model to copy
Call Blue Star Ranch for a business consultation.
Make a decision what part of the poultry business is for you? Do NOT try to "do it all" hatching, selling eggs, selling chickens, breeding. (It simply doesn't work) Find a "niche"
Do research in your market to find what is needed the most in your area

Learn the the local zoning and government laws, regulations and permits in your areas. In most cases you CAN'T sell eggs or chickens without permits or insurance in many places.

Find another source of income to keep you in business for at least two years besides chickens.
Build the BEST coop you can afford for the money. RESEARCH this first

Choose the best breeds that you wish to work with. Some chicken breeds are easier than others to make profit.

Unless your barn, coop or buildings are equipped for year round production (indoors) do not try to raise chicks in winter or late fall or a cold spring because cold wet weather is not good for the chicken business.

If you want to increase you business, treat customers right, sell them only quality chickens, and always tell the truth. Your business will grow on its own!

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How to Be Prepared For Your Own Chicken Business

Easy Rule: Treat Your Customers Right!