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 Rooster Return Terms

(Customers: understand some people buy rooster chicks at other stores and bring them to Blue Star Ranch for "refunds") 

​We have NO WAY to know if the rooster you ended up with was actually purchased here, or was even one of our flock! 


See What a Rooster Cockerel Looks Like About 4-6 Weeks Old.  

The chicks that we purchase at hatcheries are guaranteed pre-sexed pullets (females) from hatcheries, Most hatcheries are 90% accurate but sometimes there are a few roosters chicks in the flocks.  

Understand that when buying young poultry getting a rooster chick happens with A-L-L companies sometimes! If you purchase "chicks" usually 8 weeks or younger, in many places including here, there is a chance you may get a rooster!

1) We do NOT give refunds if you get a rooster! 

2) We do NOT give you a hen for a rooster.

 (Neither does any other company!) 

90% females is what we get on hatch day when chicks are shipped to us.

This is we receive when purchasing baby chicks from hatchery  This is just part of raising chickens! It happens! 

Roosters At Estimated 3 Months of Age



We will take your roosters if you send a recent photo, and we will inspect the rooster for health on arrival.

Please agree to ONE of the following rules below:

1)  Purchase 50 lbs non-GMO feed

(per rooster) OR a bottle of vitamin supplement or other supplies/kits


2) Purchase a hen, (pullets or chicks) at $25 or more or (per rooster)


3) Make a donation of $25 or more to Blue Star Ranch. (per rooster) 

Taking unwanted roosters is a SERVICE to you and we ask that you pay for the upkeep of the roosters. Some roosters are used for breeding or for pet farms.

Roosters that are not in healthy condition or sickly in appearance, cannot be used for breeding and these roosters will not be added to our pens of healthy chickens.