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Here Is A List Of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is "straight run?" This means that chicks hatched are sold as boys or girls and the mixture is usually 50%. We honestly sell them as straight runs with a about 50% mixture of both sexes. Depending on how many chicks that you purchase can affect the ratio of male to female sexes.  

 We do sex chicks at $1.00 each per chick less than 100 chicks. More than 100 chicks an appointment is required Its Best to sex chicks at 6 to 8 weeks for a 98% certainty of sex. Day olds are about 90% accurate  

No shipping of any fowl, juveniles or chicks all poultry must be picked up at our farm.         

Do you sell adult chickens? Yes! Blue Star Ranch specializes in nearly grown poultry to full sized layers and fast quality service! Not all breeds are available year around.   

Do you sell rooster eating size?  Yes! This is where most of the rooster chicks go. No butchering of poultry allowed on the farm. Must take home live. Call us for availability.            

• Blue Star Ranch honors most credit or debit cards, personal checks are "eggcepted" from regular customers only. We also take cash and do barter too!!!!                 

• Do we take chickens back/returns? Most of the time no, for health reasons at the farm. We are working on a chicken “recycle” program maybe to take returns for the fall. All poultry taken in will be housed in separate from our breeding and hatching facilities.    

 What if my chick dies?  Case by case if it happens in 48 hours. If you have dogs or very small children it’s not likely your baby chicks can be replaced after 48 hours.                             

• What is the fastest way to get in contact with you? 1) text 2) phone call leave a detailed message 3) emails are answered in 24 hours call or text, Please do call/text before arriving so that we can greet you for your “eggsperience”

• Can we come visit your farm to help us decide what chicks to get?  Yes, We are usually very busy so have a list of questions written down. We give as much individual attention to you as possible and  to answer your questions as time allows.

We do not allow visitors in the breeding and hatching pens, but you are welcome to see our adult birds to help you decide. If you want to visit and need more time for questions paid tours are available for individuals or groups.                 

• Do you have dark egg layers? Coming soon all of the best dark egg layers  

•Can I mix different breeds of chicks together? Yes, you can keep baby chicks as together as long as they are a few seeks apart in age. (2-4 weeks is about max)         

• How long does it take my chicks to start laying? Standard breeds 22-24 weeks

• Our minimum to buy is at least 3 hens or 3 chicks, because chickens are very social animals.