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0 To Age 3 Weeks 

$15 Per Chick 

Non GMO Fed

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*Rare Breeds


(Greenfire Farms Is Where Some Of Our Chickens Originate)

Blue Laced Red Wyandottes

​Standard Cochins (all colors)

English Orpingtons (Lavender, Chocolate, Lemon Cuckoo, Jubilee)

Cream Legbars

Lavender Americanas
Light Brahma
Easter Eggers (Wheaten & Blues) 
Gold Laced Wyandotte
Black Silver Laced Wyandotte
Black Copper Marans
Black Tailed Buff Marans
Blue Marans

Dark Brahmas

Olive Eggers

Blue Brahmas

Partridge Brahmas

Chocolate Marans
Colombian Marans
Creole Marans
Golden Salmon Marans
Speckled Sussex
Lemon Cuckoo Orpingtons
Jubilee Orpingtons

Swedish Flower Hens

Iowa Blue

Chocolate Orpingtons

Silky Chickens (all colors) 
Show Girl Chickens 
MANY Bantam Breeds too!

So much more!!!!

(* rare breeds cost more)

Standard Breeds


Rhode Island Reds
White Leghorns 
Plymouth Barred Rock 
Sex Links Gold, Black, Red, or Brown 
Buff Orpingtons
Black Australorp
and Easter Eggers "Americanas" 
Silver Laced Wyandottes 
Light Brahmas
Speckled Sussex 

Bantams Many Breeds! 

& More 

10 - 13 Weeks Old 

$25 Per Chicken

​Non GMO Fed

14 -16 Weeks Old  ​

$30 Per Chicken

Non GMO Fed 

17 - 22 Weeks Old

$35 Per Chicken

Non GMO Fed

23 Weeks Old & Up

Young Layers 

$40 Per Chicken

Non GMO Fed 

(You MUST have a receipt  and proof of purchase from purchase date and photo of chicks taken on purchase date.

Email to confirm your purchase!!!!! 

 Photos of chicks MUST match breed returned. You will receive a credit for amount spent and can return the young rooster under 3 months of age for a credit of the amount purchased.) You can then select the new pullet and use that amount on credit. 

Roosters that are unwanted must be 3 months or younger for the credit. (send me photos if you are not sure) 

IMPORTANT When you purchase a "straight run"  chick if it is a male you can return it to Blue Star under 3 months of age. You will get the "credit" for the $15 that was paid on that chick and it can be used for another purchase, like poultry or products (you cannot trade rooster chick for a full sized hen!) 

An appointment MUST be made for returns no "drop in's" for returns.

Rooster returns NOT accepted on Friday/Saturday/Sunday busy days Without an appointment!!!!!  

4 Weeks To 8 Weeks

$20 Per Chick

Non GMO Fed 

Note: Order by AGE online and select your BREEDS when picking up chickens