0 To Age 3 Weeks 

$15  Per Chick 

Non GMO Fed

All Rare Breeds  
(these breeds sold only spring / summer)

Blue Laced Red Wyandottes
​Standard Cochins (all colors)
English Orpingtons (Lavender, Chocolate, Lemon Cuckoo, Jubilee)
Cream Legbars
Lavender Americanas
Lavender Orpington
Wheaten Orpington
Cream Legbars
Light Brahma
Polish (Buff, Gold, other colors)
White Crested Blue Polish
Golden Cucko Maran
Lemon Cucko Maran & many More! 


Minimum Order Required!

Your Choice Of:

  4    Chicks

    3     Pullets

   2        Hens

(Or add 1 bag of non GMO feed to your purchase if you wish less than the minimum amount of poultry)


Standard Commercial Breeds 

(these breeds sold year around)

Rhode Island Reds
White Leghorns
Plymouth Barred Rock
Sex Links Gold, Black, Red, or Brown

​Other Commercial Breeds

Pet Speciality Breeds

(these breeds sold only spring / summer)

Easter Eggers "Americanas"

​Black Australorp

Silver (Gold Or Laced Wyandottes
Light Brahmas

Buff Opringtons
Speckled Sussex
Olive Eggers
Bantams including Silkies Many Breeds!
& More

17 - 22 Weeks Old

$35 -$40 Per Chicken

Non GMO Fed

23 Weeks Old & Up

Young Layers 

$40 - $45 Per Chicken

Non GMO Fed 

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4 Weeks To 8 Weeks

$20 - $25 Per Chick

Non GMO Fed

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10 - 13 Weeks Old 

$25 - $30 Per Chicken

​Non GMO Fed

14 -16 Weeks Old  ​

$30 - $35 Per Chicken

Non GMO Fed