17 - 22 Weeks Old

$35 -$40 Per Chicken

Non GMO Fed

23 Weeks Old & Up

Young Layers 

$40 - $45 Per Chicken

Non GMO Fed 

(rare or pet breeds extra)


Standard Commercial Breeds 

(these breeds sold year around)

Rhode Island Reds
White Leghorns
Plymouth Barred Rock
Sex Links Gold, Black, Red, or Brown

​Other Commercial Breeds

Pet Speciality Breeds

(these breeds sold only spring / summer)

Easter Eggers "Americanas"

​Black Australorp

Silver (Gold Or Columbian) Laced Wyandottes
Light Brahmas

Buff Opringtons
Speckled Sussex
Olive Eggers
Bantams including Silkies Many Breeds!
& More

All Rare Breeds  

(these breeds sold only spring / summer)

​(Greenfire Farms Is Where Some Of Our Chickens Originate)

Blue Laced Red Wyandottes
​Standard Cochins (all colors)
English Orpingtons (Lavender, Chocolate, Lemon Cuckoo, Jubilee)
Cream Legbars
Lavender Americanas
Lavender Orpington
Wheaten Orpington
Cream Legbars
Light Brahma
Polish (Buff, Gold, other colors)
White Crested Blue Polish
Golden Cucko Maran
Lemon Cucko Maran
Easter Eggers (Wheaten & Blues)
Gold Laced Wyandotte
Black Silver Laced Wyandotte
Black Copper Marans
Black Tailed Buff Marans
Blue Marans
Dark Brahmas
Olive Eggers
Blue Brahmas
Partridge Brahmas
Chocolate Marans
Colombian Marans
Creole Marans
Golden Salmon Marans
Speckled Sussex
Lemon Cuckoo Orpingtons
Jubilee Orpingtons
Swedish Flower Hens
Iowa Blue​
Chocolate Orpingtons
Exchequer Leghorn
Danish Brown Leghorn
Silky Chickens (all colors)
Show Girl Chickens
East Frisian Gull
MANY Bantam Breeds too!
So much more!!!!Breeds available 2019 season:

English Orpington:
Silver laced
Lemon Cuckoo 

Silver laced
Gold laced
Blue laced red


Buff laced
Silver laced
Gold laced
White crested black

Italian Exchequer 
Black Jersey Giant
Germán Vorwerk 

French Marans:
Golden cuckoo
Black, blue, splash


Silkies: all colors but specializing in rare lavender this year

Blue black, lavender, wheaten, splash,white
Olive eggers

Blue partridge brahma
Dark brahma 

American Bresse: white, blue, splash 
Salmon faverolle 

Cream crested legbars(Rees and Greenfire ) 
Ayam Cemani 
Bantam breeds:
Mille Fleur
Blue laced Red Wyandotte 
South American Aracauna


Rare & Exotic Breeds Originate From Greenfire Farms

​(Greenfire Farms Is Where Some Of Our Chickens Originate)

10 - 13 Weeks Old 

$25 - $30 Per Chicken

​Non GMO Fed

14 -16 Weeks Old  ​

$30 - $35 Per Chicken

Non GMO Fed 

(rare or pet breeds extra)

4 Weeks To 8 Weeks

$20 - $25 Per Chick

Non GMO Fed

(rare or pet breeds extra)

0 To Age 3 Weeks 

$15 - $20 Per Chick 

Non GMO Fed

(rare or pet breeds extra)

Chicken prices: $10 to $55 based on breed and age of poultry. We have prices to fit ANY budget! 

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