Standard Commercial Breeds 

Rhode Island Reds
White Leghorns
Plymouth Barred Rock
Sex Links Gold, Black, Red, or Brown

Black Australorp

Buff Opringtons

​ & Other Commercial Breeds Not Listed

Pet Speciality Breeds

Silver (Gold Or Laced Wyandottes

Easter Eggers "Americanas"
Light Brahmas

Speckled Sussex
Olive Eggers
Bantams including

Silkies Many Breeds!
& More Breeds Not Listed


2.5 Months - 4.0 Months
$30 To $35 Each

Non GMO Fed

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Bantams, Standard & Rare Poultry

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 0 To Age 3 Weeks

$15 Each 

​Non GMO Fed

1 Month - 2 Months
$20 -$25 Each
​Non GMO Fed

Rare Breeds  

Black Copper Marans

Olive Eggers

Blue/Splash Laced Red Wyandottes
​Standard Cochins (all colors)
English Orpingtons (Lavender, Chocolate, Lemon Cuckoo, Jubilee)
Cream Legbars/Icebars
Lavender Americanas
Lavender Orpington
Wheaten Orpington
Cream Legbars
Polish (Buff, Gold, other colors)
White Crested Blue Polish

Dark Brahmas
More Breeds Not Listed!

Rare Exotic Breeds Add $10

​Ultra Rare Breeds Add $20


Minimum Order Required!

Your Choice Of:

  4    Chicks

    3     Pullets

   2      Hens

(Or add 1 bag of non GMO feed to your purchase if you wish less than the minimum amount of poultry)

4.5 Months - 5.5 Months

$35 -$40 Each

Non GMO Fed

5.5 Months - Or More Months Up

Young Layers 

$40 - $45 Each

Non GMO Fed 

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Cackle Chicken Prices

 My Pet Chicken Chicken Prices

Their Price Of ONE Shipped Pullet = $185 EACH & UP