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0 To Age 3 Weeks 

$15  Per Chick 

Non GMO Fed

All Rare Breeds  

Blue Laced Red Wyandottes
​Standard Cochins (all colors)
English Orpingtons (Lavender, Chocolate, Lemon Cuckoo, Jubilee)
Cream Legbars
Lavender Americanas
Lavender Orpington
Wheaten Orpington
Cream Legbars
Polish (Buff, Gold, other colors)
White Crested Blue Polish
Golden Cucko Maran
Lemon Cucko Maran & many More! 


PLAN B  - Price Per Day

Minimum Order Required!

Your Choice Of:

  4    Chicks

    3     Pullets

   2        Hens

(Or add 1 bag of non GMO feed to your purchase if you wish less than the minimum amount of poultry)

We suggest that  you bring your chickens gently to Blue Star Ranch to avoid any stress while handling and transporting to Blue Star Ranch.

Please make your chickens temporary vacation stay to our boarding facility as comfortable and pleasant as possible. Bring her toys, treats or favorite dishes too. 

We will gladly provide our Non GMO feed to your chickens but suggest that you can bring your preferred own brand of feed if you choose this method. Suddenly changing chickens feed can stress them also. 

Blue Star Ranch will keep any eggs if it applies as we will not individually mark eggs per customer.  Many chickens do not lay eggs anyway when they are moved to a new location while they get settled in their new surroundings. 


Standard Commercial Breeds 

Rhode Island Reds
White Leghorns
Plymouth Barred Rock
Sex Links Gold, Black, Red, or Brown

Black Australorp

Buff Opringtons

​ & Other Commercial Breeds

Pet Speciality Breeds

Silver (Gold Or Laced Wyandottes

Easter Eggers "Americanas"
Light Brahmas

Speckled Sussex
Olive Eggers
Bantams including Silkies Many Breeds!
& More


$12 Per Day Board, Feed House Water and Health and Safety Checks 

Photos send daily by email or phone

Predator insurance included 100% coverage in the event of predator loss ONLY

Worm or Other Treats Fed

10 - 13 Weeks Old 

$25 - $30 Per Chicken

​Non GMO Fed

14 -16 Weeks Old  ​

$30 - $35 Per Chicken

Non GMO Fed 

17 - 22 Weeks Old

$35 -$40 Per Chicken

Non GMO Fed

23 Weeks Old & Up

Young Layers 

$40 - $45 Per Chicken

Non GMO Fed 


* ( price listed is boarding per chicken)

* ( prices by week discounts below)

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Smaller cages for chicks, pullets and younger pet poultry have strong wire bottoms and are off of the ground. Our baby cages are safe inside our barn at night. 

4 Weeks To 8 Weeks

$20 - $25 Per Chick

Non GMO Fed

Full Weekly Price -25% Per Chicken

On Price Per Day

PLAN A  - Price Per Day

We will board your chickens or "chicken sit" your precious pets anytime at Blue Star Ranch location in Austin. Do you have a sudden event to attend or family vacation and do not want the hassle of hiring outside strangers to come to your home while you are not at your residence? 

Or do you really trust your neighbors child to be responsible for your chickens while you are away for a few days?  Our Chicken Boarding is GREAT for a 3 day weekend get away! We have discounted prices by the week too. 

Choose Blue Star Ranch and feel confident that your chickens are being cared of properly while you take that much needed get away. 

All coops are cleaned, sanitized with an natural organic cleanser. No harsh chemicals are allowed. 

 Each coop is located to best area for the amount of chickens that are housed and for length of time.  Your chickens will have a fresh breeze, natural grass and plenty of sun and shade. 

At no time will chickens be allowed to free range during their stay at Blue Star Ranch

$15 Per Day Board, Feed House Water and Health and Safety Checks 

Photos or Video send daily by email or phone

100% Full Coverage Predator, Illness, 

 Accidental Loss  - Unexplained Demise Of Poultry

Medications or Worming Applied to Chickens,

Mite Control and Diatomaceous Earth (DE) 

​Worm or Other Treats Fed

PLAN C  - Price Per Day

Chicken Boarding In Private

"Eggslusive Eggcomadations" Coops

(scroll down for pricing)

Estimated Payment For Boarding Your Poultry Is Required When Arriving   Any Differences in Price Will be Added or Credited When You Return

$10 Per Day Board, Feed House Water and Health and Safety Checks