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You can purchase chickens online by clicking the link above or purchase chickens and services in person at the ranch.

We do considering bartering sometimes as well. Bartering is older than money. We don't haggle on prices. And we will both walk away happy! You can choose the breeds of chickens that you want and ages, we get products or services in return.Lets Swap or Trade
If your family needs chickens and price is a concern, or if you like good old fashioned "swapping!" consider bartering/trading for up to 50% and cash for remaining balance 50%. In some cases, we will barter/swap/trade for 100% Most folks have a few unwanted items in storage.

on price page: scroll on mobile phones to see all options for purchase

Bottom line: Bartering is also FUN and we both walk away with the idea that we got the best of the trade. At this time Blue Star Ranch can use lawn care, handyman services, trade for good working and quality tools or most anything with real value that we want or services that we can use around the ranch or personally. Perhaps your company or business can trade or discount products or services, tickets to events. Good food at quality restaurants. Or what can you think of to trade?

We CAN'T trade our hens for other breeds of chickens or your unwanted roosters. Because hens lay eggs and roosters don't lay eggs. (Yes some people ASK me to trade roosters for hens...!) Also, for the safety and health of our chickens, we never accept trades for poultry. Trading for poultry that we did not raise ourselves may bring in unwanted bacteria from other flocks. Blue Star Ranch wants to ensure the health of our chickens!!!  
At Blue Star Ranch you can either pay for your chickens or trade things for them. We now take most debit or credit cards for products and poultry (1st time customers cash or barter only for chickens) We trade chickens based on our needs and the value of the items you wish to trade. Here at Blue Star we are embracing the "new" concept of bartering. We BOTH WIN! You may have a talent or skill that you want to trade for your new flock of hens. Or maybe you are in the service industry. Perhaps there are old hobbies that are collecting dust on your closet shelf. Some folks even pay high storage fees every month for stuff they no longer need. What ever your reason, trading for poultry may be the answer for you.


We will trade for almost anything we need or want of value. Garage sale items, groceries, pet foods, frozen foods, movies/dvd, hay, firewood, home made items soaps, candles or crafts, or services from your business, farm labor, lawn mowing, garden items, tools, electronics, video games, working appliances, furniture, clothes or any storage or unwanted items.
Coin or stamp collections, watches, rings, jewelry, (with written appraisals or estimates) Fresh grown fruits and vegetables (for home canning) farm raised beef or pork or other. Call and see what we need, and may be able to trade/barter.

The Chicken Trading Post

Over the years in raising chickens I have discovered that they are a real valuable commodity. Chickens cannot be replaced with technology and therefore actually retain their value. Even as much as real “money.” One chickens can produce hundreds of dollars in eggs and be used for meat at the end of productivity. A small flock will produce very valuable fertilizer for your garden.

Bartering is even older than money and a real useful skill to learn and to pass on to your family. We do accept cash, credit cards, barter for the purchase or exchange of chickens. 

Chicks - Pullets - Hens Our Inventory Changes Each Week. New & "Eggciting" Breeds Arrive All The Time. You can shop or order by age of chickens. Select your favorite breeds when you arrive at the ranch or call us to inquire about breeds.

Our prices reflect the cost of bedding, medical care, labor, heat/electricity, Non GMO Feed and quality care. Our prices range 

is from $10- $40 

No Shipping Fees & We Deliver Too!