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The "lame eggcuse" from all the hatcheries about early pullet death is that "some chickens have just failure to thrive" and they have YOU believing it! Actually the sick chickens are just carriers of genetic diseases! Sold to you from the hatcheries!

What’s the TRUTH? The chicks that you buy *** ALL *** are carriers of MG mycoplasma and many will not live longer than a few months, and even if they do... All of the chickens you buy are carriers of these diseases. Most pet chicken breeds do not withstand changing weather conditions either. *** IT DOES NOT MATTER W-H-A-T you do or how you raise your chicks. Those chicks that are 70% to 90%  carriers of mycoplasma MAY become infected and pass the disease to your other chickens. 

WHY??? Maybe it’s the constant supply of $$$$$ that you spend raising chickens.

Moreover, there is a HUGE market to "save the sick" chickens with medicines, ointments and salves, books and other chicken treats or toys too!

Be aware that the commercial market is WAY different than the pet market.


Customers call or start to shop here for chickens and they generally say: ".... I am doing my research on chickens and ..." They feel as though if they read long enough that they will have all the answers. 

The poultry industry has been researching poultry by the billions of dollars annually for many decades AND EVEN THEY DO NOT HAVE ALL THE ANSWERS! So spending a weekend researching information on the Internet  may not give you all the answers and could only confuse you more! 

Well! I have been doing my research too and raising chickens for longer than 14 years so maybe some of my "eggspert" research can help you.

#1) Nearly 90% of ALL eggs hatched at hatcheries are carriers of MG and MS in some cases genetic defects -  So FYI Most chickens are carriers of potential diseases/defects from day ONE! 

#2 If you raise your chickens outdoors in coops (even covered) mice/rats/birds DO come in your coop OR of you free range chickens ( even in your backyard) ALL chickens are "eggsposed" to more diseases ANYWAY. They too are carriers of MG & MS 

#3 GENERALLY speaking "biosecurity" is a joke for many backyard owners as well as the hatcheries!

(I have seen customers waiting outside buildings at hatcheries to purchase chicks and because of "biosecurity" and not allowed into the hatchery... BUT the mailman and the employees ARE WALKING ON THE SAME SIDEWALK AND INTO THE BUILDING!!!! HA! So much for "bio-security." But good hygiene and good cleanness is important! 

#4 Chickens over time will get sick, MOST antibiotics and good clean dry coops can help some cases if illness BUT since chickens are CARRIERS of diseases that they inherit from breeding stock parents, when there is STRESS or bad weather some chickens WILL get sick again at one point and time. Its really best to "cull" weak and ill chickens rather than to risk further infections. 

The chicken industry is and has been for many years, designing FANCY PET chickens that are carriers of  genetic diseases passed on to baby chicks THEN they "eggspect to sell you more" when the chicks/pullets die.

Most  fancy pet chicken breeds will NOT survive outdoor conditions even in coops without developing some kind of diseases sooner or later. 

Do you raise chickens in an outdoor coop? Most people do! Then flying birds, mice can bring in diseases to flocks and its IMPOSSIBLE to avoid some kind of poultry illness sooner or later.  Add to this changing weather by seasons and you will eventually see health issues in your flock. Is it your fault? Should you blame the seller? 

My point is nearly ALL chickens are carriers of mycoplasma as well as genetic diseases.  This preventable disease in the breeding stock and passed on from Mother hen to egg. This is in 90% or more of ALL hatcheries. This is a hereditary disease and hatcheries KNOW IT! This is just the FACTS

Understand this ONE thing. Hatcheries are in business to SELL chicks

(both commercial market and for the retail pet market)

Know this: the COMMERCIAL INDUSTRY is a big market and the engineers and scientists and poultry engineers that produce the genetics for commercial poultry chickens are spending MILLIONS AND MILLIONS TO MAKE A BETTER CHICKEN on commercial breeds! 

The PET chicken market... well not so much! Actually the geneticists for pet chickens are developing FEATHER TRAITS AND PATTERNS/COLORS, EGG COLOR for poultry shows and not viability and immunity.

Even though MANY chicks sold are CARRIERS of MG and MS, it does not mean that all chickens HAVE the diseases or will get it. If chickens are stressed they are much more prone to become ill from diseases.

There you have it! So many consumers have been "duped" by the pet poultry industry and are trying to "cure" sick or genetically poor chickens with antibiotics ( it really does not work most of the time)  

I just HAD to tell the truth! Believe it or not it’s up to you!

I am Mary Ann AKA the "Chicken Lady" and always glad to tell the TRUTH. And happy to be of service to my community! 

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SAME Age Chickens - This Small Chick Has Genetic Illness

We will always grow a good variety of chickens here for you to select at Blue Star Ranch. We do suggest that you consider raising your flocks at 75% to 80% commercial breeds and maybe a few pet chickens for variety and color. And UNDERSTAND that most chickens will carry the DNA genes for genetic diseases! 

*** And know what breeds you are buying and that many commercial breeds are far superior in longevity most of the time to pet chickens.

*** To be FAIR even the whole poultry industry fights diseases in the flocks everyday as well. 

Farm chickens that are raised in large flocks or commercial layers are "culled" to prevent the spread of diseases. Culling ill poultry is what your grandparents did on the farm and you can bet they did not spend $300 at the veterinarian for a consultation for a sick chicken!

So WHY am I doing this and telling the TRUTH about the poultry industry? Because I am a producer of chickens and when a small buyer purchases 2 to 6 chicks YOU may not see the results of genetic problems. When we buy several thousand a year or hatch them WE NOTICE these problems.

There is a personal reason too: People always "blame the seller" for sick chickens... Well put the BLAME where it should go. The poultry industry that is knowingly selling poor quality pet chicks to the consumer. So buy the strongest BREEDS of commercial chicks and pullets and understand your odds of  getting healthy chicks that are of the pet varieties.

The hatcheries GOAL is NOT to sell chickens that LIVE up to ripe old age! Hatcheries business is to HATCH EGGS  and not sell quality breeding stock so you can stop buying chicks every spring!

After your chicks arrive in the mail as long as they are alive for 48 hours the hatcheries are off the hook! It does not matter that the chickens they hatch may not be viable for longer than a few months! And most chicks carry genetic diseases too! I have proof! KEEP READING....

THINK! about this! Have you EVER seen ANY pet chicken large commercial farms that are breeding and that sell egg producing full sized laying "Easter Eggers, Buff Orpingtons, Silkys, Silver Laced Wyandottes and other FANCY PET BREEDS......?

*** No? I know why. It’s all about poultry genetics!

If most pet poultry survived to breeding age and reproduced good quality chickens then that's fewer chicks that would be sold and more competition for the poultry business. 

*** ALL commercial poultry farms that are large and producing generally choose one of several  QUALITY breeds only for egg production. White Rocks, ISA Brown (gold sex links) White Leghorns and maybe a few others.

1) You can start your purchase ONLY top production laying commercial stock! Leghorns, White Rocks, ISA Browns (Gold Sex Links) perhaps a quality Australorp. There may be a few other breeds that are used commercially but MOST of the all breeds are carriers of mycoplasma and other genetic diseases.  Remember the commercial chickens have better immunity from illness. Most commercial breeds are stronger and have better immunity than pet breeds.

2) Get used to the fact that its part of the poultry industry and it will likely NEVER change as long as people do nothing! And keep buying fancy pet chickens!

3) Of course some ill chickens can be saved, but your chickens can always have outbreaks of mycoplasma and get sick again and infect other hens in your flock.

There is ONLY ONE poultry hatchery that produces MG FREE production chicks to the factories for breeding stock (not to the consumer) and its a good bet that they are "EGGSPENSIVE" too.


Of course there are differences in the many different poultry hatcheries and their breeding stock SOME are better than others but ALL of the hatcheries goals are to SELL MORE CHICKENS.

Yes, there ARE many small backyard producers that can grow small flocks of chickens to sell-able age. And I am writing in GENERALITIES

All chickens (EXCEPT ONE hatchery) are producers of MILLIONS of chickens that carry mycoplasma and other genetic diseases and pass it on to the egg. From Mother bird to baby chick.

SAME Age Chickens Not growing due to Genetic Disease. These chicks will not make it to full size nor produce eggs!  The Small Chicks Have Genetic Illness