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In the photo below, this bucket and pan is a much simpler idea, but very effective for small flocks. You can feed your chickens once a week instead of daily.

In this photo above you will see a large flat pan. This is a common "hot water heater" pan found at major hardware stores. They are cheap, easy to clean and double as a cooling pan in how weather. Chickens like to stand in the water to cool off. Best of all with a quick rinse from your garden hose this pan can be cleaned and refilled in less than 30 seconds.

You will need to get a PVC plug to keep the water from draining and it just screws in seconds no tools required.

How To Make Poultry Water Systems & Feeders

Poultry feeders or water systems can range in all sizes, shapes and materials. The poultry feeder you build is limited to your own imagination. Here are sample photos of a few ideas for poultry feeding automatic systems. If you use these systems be SURE to check often for clogs of food (the food gets stuck from moisture, your chickens will go hungry!) or even stuck small chickens looking for treats. (You maybe can add a screen to the end of pipe to prevent this from happening) its important to keep food free flowing and DRY.