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A chicken is a living animal and nature does what she does best. Mother Nature controls all life.
Blue Star Ranch works hard to ensure you the best selection of the healthiest chickens possible. Even with the BEST of care, Mother Nature is in fact in control of your chickens health.



Understand that you must provide proper care, feed, water and a safe place to keep your chickens. You assume ownership and the risks of raising a live animal. We do not replace or exchange chicks, pullets or hens that are injured after your purchase or that become ill. We do not refund money or credit on orders for birds. 


We Appreciate Your Business!

By (our inspection and your inspection) and your acceptance and purchase of the poultry, you the buyer acknowledges that the limitations and disclaimers herein set forth are conditions of the sale, and constitute the entire agreement between the parties. The seller warrants that the poultry purchased will be in good condition, so far as can reasonably be determined, at the time of the inspection and pick up by seller, who has exercised flock control, production, (including established sanitary and disease control standards) generally accepted in the industry. It is understood, agreed and considered reasonable that THERE ARE NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, WITH RESPECT TO THE POULTRY THAN THOSE SPECIFICALLY STATED IN THIS AGREEMENT, AND SELLER SPECIFICALLY DISCLAIMS ANY WARRANT OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS OF THE POULTRY. 

 EVERYONE has different methods of raising chickens and each coop is different. Once a chicken leaves our farm we have NO WAY of knowing which bird in your flock was previously ours (or someone else's) or how well (or poorly) it was taken care of. Buyer assumes risk for care 100% 

We at Blue Star Ranch are very proud of our customer support and high quality reputation for selling the best chickens raised in Texas!

Poultry Purchase Guarantee

By my purchase of poultry I agree that I read and understand this poultry guarantee.

Poultry will be inspected before purchase by me personally.  By my purchase of chickens I agree fully 100% that they are satisfactory to me at time of purchase and in good health. The chickens are sold to me "AS IS" and I must provide proper care for them to remain healthy.I understand that there are some risks of loss in raising chickens due to predators or illness that can occur in flocks. And I accept the risk of loss due to natural selection, or illness and the responsibility of caring for chickens. Phone support is available for purchase at anytime by clicking here: 

Blue Star Ranch offers healthy live chickens for sale only.
When you (the buyer) purchase chickens here, you are assuming the responsibility for the care of the poultry that is sold to you "AS IS" There are NO RETURNS, REFUNDS or EXCHANGES for poultry sold.

I understand that "chicken insurance" to replace chickens is available at the time of the purchase of my chickens or that its visible to me on my cell phone, or the website.