Fertile Eggs and Incubator RENTAL and all baby chick supplies for $99


FREE replacement eggs if anything happens to your eggs before hatch date (power outage, breakage or other) we will supply you with more FREE fertile eggs. 

We inspect our eggs for viability and quality. Your rental includes: 

Fertile eggs,  assorted breeds and colors of chicks, incubator, (heated and tested) brooding crate with lids, heat lamps, feed and bedding for rental of $99. 

After 10 days you can return supplies and KEEP the chicks or you can return some or all of the chicks hatched. Exchange your baby chicks into pullets or HENS! Or simply keep it all! Its YOUR choice.

Are you not sure? Do you want chicks? pullets? hens? Purchase our "Coopon" for your friend or family to order what they want at Blue Star Ranch. 

RENTING the incubator and the chicks assures you no lasting commitment  and when you are finished watching baby chicks you can return supplies and baby chicks OR keep them!!!!!!!  Hatching eggs into baby chicks is a MIRACLE to watch. Give yourself and your family the "eggsperience" of a lifetime for many family memories. Baby chicks can be kept in your garage with a heat lamp or anywhere in your home. 

Actual coop - colors may vary 70 inches by 42 inches with nest box and wheels

If you are a teacher, a civic club or group that will want fertile eggs for hatching and science projects  -

Call us NOW to get on our list. 

Blue Star Ranch is CERTIFIED Non GMO operation

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We rent chickens and coops too! Start your "eggsperience" by renting a coop and 3 live healthy non GMO laying hens. Rent or buy for one low price! We deliver. NO DELIVERY fees for hens & coop rentals (up to one hour) * *delivery fee if drive time over one hour $50 per hour. (or pick up at Blue Star Ranch to avoid fees) 

Hurry limited time offer- Through February 15th price is guaranteed to be $599

(reserve now!) 50% deposit required

Rental (or purchase) includes: 

Coop 6 foot x 4 foot including nest box

Wheel kit installed for easy moving of coop

Setup at your location included

3 healthy non GMO laying hens

(farmers choice breeds)    OR

(custom choice breeds) extra $30

non GMO feed 

customer service 7 days a week

"eggspert" phone support or texting questions

about chicken care INCLUDED 

bedding nesting shavings

free delivery AND free pick up (unless you keep it all)