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 Remember! You do NOT need to use antibiotics on poultry if you use Probiotics- This natural organic product will eliminate the need for harsh chemicals added to your poultry feed or coop. Probiotics are most effective if used as the only product for your chickens health. (regular seasonal worming is still required for your chickens health)

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"The Chicken Lady"
Mary Ann Fordyce
"I believe in the power of Chrisal's Stabiotic products for my chickens health. Its the ONLY brand that I recommend and use in our own chicken coops. No farm should be without these natural probiotic products. Bad bacteria that cause diseases in animals is the WORST predator. You can't see the bacteria like the other predators that harm your chickens. This is why you need Organic Chrisal's Stabiotics for your farm animals"

These StaBiotics™ are PROVEN in University & Hospital studies around the world to greatly increase cleanliness and reduce the risk of E. Coli, Staph, Salmonella, Superbugs like MRSA, dirt, mold, mildew and much more.  These Probiotics are "The Power Of Nature"