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Assorted popular breeds Brown or white/green/blue egg layers ages from pullets assorted ages to full sized hens. RARE! Buff/Dark/Light Brahmas, Standard Cochins (rare colors) Mottled Javas, Golden or Cream Brabanters, Also Necked Neck Turkins assorted colors Plus: White Leghorn, Plymouth White Rock, Plymouth Barred Rock Necked Neck Turkens Buff Orpingtons Dark Cornish, Buff or Black Minorcas, Easter Eggers (Americanas) Production Reds, Rhode Island Reds, Red/Gold or Black Sex Links, Black Australorp,

Dark Egg Layers: Black Copper Marins, Splash Marans, Wheaten Marans,  French Coo Coo Marans, Welsummers, plus other breeds too. Some popular breeds LIMITED purchase or SELECTION!!!

Call for details. 281-627-8009

You can pay for your chickens online and order only by age not by breed. Or, you can come and see chickens at Blue Star Ranch and purchase them at the ranch. 

 You select the breed when you arrive to pickup your chickens. Our chickens are purebred and we keep in stock 20 or more of the most popular breeds. Most ages for sale are two to six months old. 

Chicks - Pullets - Hens Our Inventory Changes Each Week. New & "Eggciting" Breeds Arrive All The Time. You can shop or order by age of chickens. Select your favorite breeds when you arrive at the ranch or call us to inquire about breeds.

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We Deliver Chickens, Coops & Feed Too!

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