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 My "eggceptance" of this text information is my agreement to


This insurance available at the time of purchase only.

  • I was offered poultry insurance to cover the chickens purchased today for any accidents, losses or diseases no questions asked. This is an optional product to purchase that will replace my chickens one time, up to one full year after purchase.

  •  I have inspected poultry before purchase and at the time of purchase and am 100% satisfied with my selection of poultry

  • I understand that there are no refunds, replacements of any chickens without the purchase of chicken insurance- 

  • It is understood that chickens need to receive proper care for health by feeding, watering them and providing a safe place to my new chickens to live 

  • I understand that there are risks involved with raising and caring for a live animal and assume the risk

  • If I choose to buy insurance ​the chickens replaced cannot exceed the cost of the original purchase. 

  • Chicks UNDER age 8 weeks CANNOT be covered by optional insurance.NO baby chicks are covered and buyer assumes risks of raising chicks- Proper care is needed for baby chicks especially under 8 weeks old and I have read and understand how to care for baby chicks.