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Here are a few other tools that can make repairing the chicken coop easier or to keep the  poultry area looking neat and clean.

hand drill
power saw
leaf blower
lawn mower
weed eater

Tools and Supplies To Keep For Coop And Chicken Care

No matter how many or how few chickens that you have in your coop, you should have some basic tools ready for repairs. There may come a time you will have a loose hinge, door handle or wire needs to be patched. You will need a shovel and rake after a heavy rain to remove debris blocking doorways.
Here is a sample of tools and things to keep handy in your barn or coop area:

shovels and rakes

net for catching chickens
garden pump for sprays
hoes and pitchforks
hammer, nail and saws
garden hoses
buckets 3 and 5 gallon
tool belt
6 mil painter plastic to cover windows/doors during heavy rain
wire cutters and pliers
zip ties for holding wire while securing it with stronger metal wire
tape measure
heavy duty garden cart with wheels or garbage cans

For a bigger job on your coop its a good idea to have a tool belt handy, this will save steps when making repairs.