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#1 prepay and then send email to:‚Äč to schedule your tour.

Longer tours also available for schools and other large groups

Live Mini Farm Tours 

About 15 minutes

Come and see the Blue Star Ranch chicken farm!

Please call us 

Also, prepay in advance before you arrive. Mini Tours are available by groups or private family tours.

This can or may include: holding chickens  or baby chicks. (Grandmas & Mommies bring your cameras!) Collecting eggs, (eggs cost "eggstra") Learning about hatching chickens. Safety for chickens and coops. Health of chickens, What to feed chickens and practical tips on holding handling poultry. If we schedule on hatch day... you can see baby chicks hatch! Awwwwww!

Plus prevention from predators (this will be worth it!)

Plus we have a question and answer part for anything else that you want to know & more.