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This insurance is ONLY able to be bought on the date and time you purchase chickens NOT after you bring them home.

The chickens we replace (no questions asked) are replaced at the AGE of chicken at the time INSURANCE was purchased or you can pay the retail difference if you want the next older chickens replaced. 

We replace chickens from the breeds available at the time you collect. We do NOT guarantee you the same exact breed or color. But we will do our best to give you FIRST CHOICE of our best flocks for replacement chickens.

GUARANTEE to have chickens available to cover your loss.

We strongly suggest that you may want to consider to order an insurance plan for your flock. There are dangers everywhere for your chickens. 

Free Ranging can attract predators. Coop break ins can happen at almost anytime by dogs or other animals. Even your pet dog can play too rough with chickens and not mean to harm them.

We guarantee to have a RESERVE pen of healthy chickens ready for replacement chickens should anything happen to your chickens. 

Insure your chicks,  (8 weeks & up) pullets, or hens.    FOR ONE FULL YEAR!  FROM DATE OF PURCHASE - NO QUESTIONS ASKED POLICY - Free "rooster guarantee" included with this service too.

Whether your chickens get lost free ranging or the predators take your pet, or even if the heat goes out on your baby chicks or if they just become ill and do not recover for any reason YOU ARE PROTECTED for all reasons and more. This insurance protects you for ANY REASON NO QUESTIONS ASKED

With this no questions asked policy call us and we will replace your chickens for one full year from date of purchase of the chickens.