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Look at the price page for chickens and products - You can purchase chickens or products on this page with your debit or credit card and get a receipt. 

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Purchase chickens based on this drop down price chart by AGE of chicken wanted OR estimate how much you think that you want to spend on healthy non GMO chickens and buy a gift certificate. 

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If you want 4 non GMO chickens (3 months age) at $25 each, purchase a $100 gift certificate!  

When you come to pick out your favorite breed of chickens we will apply the $100 to your order. And you choose the breeds of chickens that you want! 

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Think about which breed or age of chicken that you want - Look at this breed selector page to help you decide The best chickens for you

Email or text as many questions as you want about chickens BEFORE you arrive (no charge!)  or schedule the private or group Mini Farm Tour Here!  you can learn all about chickens and ask questions on the tour.  We are always happy to answer your questions about anything chickens, as time allows on your pick up day. Please bring a list of questions with you. We are HAPPY to help!  (sometimes we may be busy and will ask you to email questions if we are with other customers) or call me! 281-627-8009

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