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Get your answers FAST!

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Say YES! to Blue Star Ranch LIVE Chicken Support!

Talk to a real chicken farmer with more than 12 years "eggsperience"

 Many times I get calls (actually! my phone crows!) and on the other end is a nice person that says " Can you talk? I have just one question"....... (or a few...) 

Many callers need help for up to nearly 30 minutes! I LOVE helping people but can't do this for FREE.  My many years of farming will help you 

& the "eggstra" income helps to pay my ranch feed & labor bills!  I'm standing by to help you now! 

  • Your poultry issues can be medical
  • (read 911 disclaimer page first)
  • raising baby chicks
  • hatching chicks
  • are my eggs fertile
  • is this a rooster or a hen
  • coop building or repair questions
  • planning or rebuilding your coop or starting all new
  • We solve how to get rid of unwanted roosters
  • where to find and locate breeds of your choice
  • weather problems in your area
  • predators killing your flocks  
  • how to determine WHAT is the predator
  • chicken forensics
  • & much more

We help our customers 100% for FREE with every phone call! I LOVE to talk about chickens. Everything you need to help you is linked to our valuable resource website and our wonderful video page! If you need more "eggstensive" assistance I am available by consultation! 

Understand that by calling me directly am saving YOU TIME and saving YOU money as well! If you do not solve a small problem NOW it may get worse later!

This service is a fee-based service that starts at $25 - OR you can pay a local veterinarian around $250 for the same service.

(See 911 page disclaimer I am NOT a vet!) 

FACE IT! It may be confusing out there looking for answers all over the web and you may be here because you CAN'T find what you NEED NOW.

The purchase of poultry does NOT (that's N-O-T) include FREE lifetime care! -Reason: because we sell hundreds and thousands of chickens every season, I cannot be on the phone answering questions for all new chicken owners. Many customers need advice on the setup as well and it's their first time! 

But when you make a purchase at Blue Star Ranch it DOES include a 10-minute free phone call. Additional support is available here on our help page. HELP!

​ We do however have much free information on our website, and video information here at Blue Star Ranch, customer support is optional but suggested.

My valuable experience is worth the fee. Only $1 a week! 

(Click) Order Phone Support Here

have this information handy before calling: 

your chickens age

your chickens diet

your chickens living conditions

your chickens sex or breed

any other questions that need to be asked 

send photos/video/text to 

We skype - video chat - email and text to be sure we can solve your problems with chickens or your coops.