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It is a guarantee: no MATTER where or whom you buy chickens any chickens it's still possible that poultry can become ill for a variety of reasons! Do you wonder WHY some other businesses selling chickens "crow" about how "healthy" that they are?

And then other sellers promote the chickens' "health certificate"

 All sellers of poultry are required to have flocks tested and certified

The TDVML certificate*** does N-O-T PREVENT chickens from getting sick,  Does not guarantee that they will be healthy! *** only that the flocks were state tested and are Pullorum-Typhoid Clean

About  Pullorum-Typhoid 

The disease has been eradicated from commercial poultry in the U.S., thanks in large part to efforts of the National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP)

Really the "health certificate" is just something "eggstra" that they are promoting! It brings the seller and buyer both false confidence and hopes that their chickens are better chickens. They are NOT!!

FACT 90% or more of ALL chickens are carriers of Mycoplasma

( So, the "health certificate" for PT  (Pullorum-Typhoid)  does NOT test for that!)


Blue Star Ranch QUALITY NON-GMO CHICKENS! -We spend our time, effort, and quite a bit of money-raising quality non-GMO fed chickens, spraying coops to prevent mites, hiring labor and, de-worming poultry and using our wonderful healthy products non-GMO elixirs and charcoal, and other supplies FOR THE UPKEEP OF OUR FLOCKS!  

We have been in business for 14 years! - Quality Non-GMO chickens -

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​​FACT: sellers "that claim to stand behind the health of the chickens" will sometimes end up replacing chickens for FREE to customers that complain about any issue and eventually lose money and go out of business.

(Besides their business barely being able to pay their bills! This is WHY the constant turnover in the poultry business!) 

LOOK! Did you know that sellers that raise and sell "CHEEP!" chickens to

 6 months old for ONLY $15 each are spending less than 1 PENNY a day for the raising and the care of chickens! Yikes! What kind of care can animals get for less than 1 cent per day? 

6 Month Old Chicken's That Sell For $15.00

Math: $15.00 / 180 days = 0.08

Really! *** Remember is the "cheepest" always the best? Most sellers that raise chickens and sell at this price are LOSING MONEY!


Our flocks are tested and NPIP / PT clean and certified - For all breeder stock, chicks, and pullets