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Your chicken food patch can be cut or harvested as needed. You may supplement your chickens diet on these grasses and grains or simply let them free range in the section that you planted for them
Do not forget, if you are in a hurry for a nutritious snack for your poultry, consider "sprouting" seeds. find a bucket or two sheets of plastic and spread your seed mixture. Add the proper amount of water and in a few days your seeds will sprout. Feed this to the chickens. Do NOT let this get moldy or store algae.  

We grow much of our own chicken food here at Blue Star Ranch as shown below. Some of our food comes right from our gardens, the rest we grow and harvest. Many grasses and grains can grow nearly year round for our healthy flock of chickens. We are now growing our own mealworms!

You may feed your chickens from the feed store grains and chicken crumbles or pellets. They come in a variety: regular, organic and non GMO. It's your choice what you feed your chickens. If you plant a garden of course you will have plenty of scraps and garden leftovers to feed your chickens. But what if you want to be sustainable and grow your own food apart from using processed feeds. You may want to be "natural" "organic" or just supplement your chickens diet with fresh greens. Chickens NEED fresh grasses, greens, plants its an important part of their daily diet.

BEST article Mother Earth News. Easy way to sprout seeds in trays for your own fodder.

You can grow chicken food in pots on your patio, in a spare part of your backyard, or even by the roadside. Chickens will eat anything. The most important thing of all: DO NOT USE grass or weeds in an area that has been sprayed for bugs or weeds. Fresh organic greens or grasses should be supplied to your chickens. Any pesticides or weed killers will sicken your chickens or likely kill them.
Here are GREAT videos about how to sprout your own seeds for "foddering" feed for your chickens. Healthy and nutritious, Plus its "cheep cheep cheep!"

Grow Chicken Food

Some ideas are to find a patch of earth, prepare it and spread "rye grass seeds" Its so easy and they grow most of fall and much of winter in Texas. This is a great way to give your chickens greens in the winter months. In February be sure to let the rye grass mature and it will replant its self for you next year by spreading its seeds. Other ideas are: chia seeds, deer or wildlife fall mix seeds (contains 12 or more grasses and plants) clovers, and even deer or animal corn.