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Professional consulting from an experienced poultry farmer. Call to set date and time for your preferred appointment. GREAT idea for new poultry businesses just getting started. Or, if you want expert advice. This is

 Y-E-A-R-S of experience in one phone call.
DO NOT make costly mistakes $$$$$$ Your chickens are worth a phone call!

There is a lot of FREE information on the Internet.  But is it the right information for your problem? Be careful what you read and where your information comes from. Everything you read may not always be the right thing to do if you need help with a chicken problem. 

Please feel free to call us anytime AT NO CHARGE just to chat about your general breed questions. IF however you need an extended phone call and require assistance on the following topics, such as coops, feeding, predators, medical care or other please call to set an appointment or prepay for a professional consulting about your situation.
If you are new or experienced in owning chickens, you may need advice from time to time. Blue Star has a 24 hour emergency service to answer any questions about your coop, chickens, eggs, hatching chicks and even predator proofing to prevent break ins that can ruin your flock.
We can assist you with poultry illnesses, general care of chickens and even how to build your coop. Please note that we are not licensed avian veterinarians, but do have years of experience in the farm care of poultry.

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Or For General or Urgent Care Call: 

Blue Star Ranch receives calls in Texas and all over the United States! Its my pleasure to talk with you about chickens for FREE as my time allows.
Running a farm is "eggspensive" so I offer my valuable farm advice and "eggsperience" for a fee. This is how I pay for my farm bills!
Thank you in advance for understanding my valuable time is worth the small price to help you with your questions or to set up your coop, help a sick chicken, general advice on running your poultry business... I am here to help for a small fee.
Most people want to chat about general and basic questions when setting up their chicken coop, or how to raise a small flock of chickens. (for a few minutes)
However, if you need "eggstended eggspert" information and don't want to spend your time researching your questions on the internet please call us.
The "Chicken Lady" offers poultry consultations in person or over the phone.

Do you need the right information FAST? Send your email address to: 

 It's a good idea to have your questions written down in your return email so that the information can be discussed right away over the phone. In addition, feel free to send photos of your coops or chickens to me for review before your phone conference begins.
For the most out of your conference be sure to make a list of questions for us to discuss before your phone call. 
Before you build your coop, purchase your chickens somewhere, or just have general questions about owning chickens CALL US FIRST