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Easy Care Tips Do's And Don'ts 

Remember These Tips! 

DO- have a coop ready and secure

DO- know if you are going to "free range" or raise hens in your coop

DO- have all supplies ready to care for chickens

DO- read the "easy care page" for information

DO- use organic probiotics for bacteria control and coop management

DO- replace your chickens with new pullets every 3 years for best egg production

DO- grow fresh sprouts or feed your chickens a healthy diet

DO- be prepared for predators

DO- be prepared for seasonal weather changes

DO- set an alarm on your phone to remind you to close your coop or check on your poultry


DO NOT -Let your other pets play with your chickens or chase them

DO NOT- Let young children under 5 play unsupervised with chickens

DO NOT -Try to re-invent your own system. The tips on poultry care here are proven effective

DO NOT - over clean your coop or use harsh chemicals

DO NOT - allow outside poultry in your coop. (farmers markets, swap meets, your friends giving you chickens can be a recipe for spreading bacteria's and diseases)

DO NOT- believe everything that you read on chat rooms and clubs. Just because its posted does not make it true. Do your own research or call Blue Star Ranch for free advice