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Our full sized chickens sell the fastest and we change and add new breeds all the time here at Blue Star Ranch. In spring and fall we do have baby chicks also.

Most ages that we keep in stock are 3 to 6 months old  We do not keep all breeds, but we do have a great selection of chickens and a "Find It" Service for hard to find breeds

Breeds List

You can call Blue Star Ranch and schedule for delivery for you new flock of chickens.

Place your order at order page and call us for delivery or you can have your own delivery service bring your new chickens to nearly anywhere that is safe for chickens to travel. Its best that any delivery for live chickens should not be more than 24 to 36 hours from our location for the safety of the birds.

Blue Star Ranch now DELIVERS live pet chickens most ages and quality breeds plus top quality feeds at your request in the general Austin and surrounding areas. We also deliver to Brenham, Hempstead, Bryan, College Station, Katy, San Antonio, Georgetown, Round Rock, San Marcos and more areas added each week. Call us for details.

(Delivery prices do not include the purchase price of chickens or feed. that is a separate charge.) 

Any cancellations for poultry or coops or products (feed and supplies) purchased is a 25% RESTOCKING FEE if your order is cancelled before delivery. Due to bank fees and cancellation charges. 

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We deliver chickens, hens or pullets, and non GMO feed to your home or even meet you at your business, or at another suitable location.

Order Chickens - Pullets - Or Baby Chicks 

Delivery or Pick up

We do NOT ship chickens in the USPS Postal Mail for the safety and health of our poultry. You can pick up chickens here at Blue Star Ranch OR we can meet in a town near you. 

 Upon your purchase of chickens, feed or coops online we tag the chicken breeds that you purchase and hold them in our delivery pens until delivery date. Your chickens are handled and socialized each day and will be easy to handle too. 

Easy Tips Page

Before loading the chickens on delivery day we will take photos of the chickens and send the pictures to you before starting our trip to meet you for the delivery. If there are any last minute changes we can make the changes to breeds or ages before the delivery that date.