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Open NOW 7 DAYS A WEEK (Including Holidays)​

 Pick Up - 8:00 AM - 1:00 PM ONLY!​

​OPEN- NOW During Crisis Shutdown -

Agricultural Businesses are Essential

If you add barter items your price will be LESS! Remember to bring things you would like to keep on hand during a crisis!

Here is our barter page for other items that we MAY trade for (click here)

Example of nonperishable items:
These are examples of what TO bring.  Fresh cans of tuna/sausage/meat/spam, boxes/bags of macaroni, mashed potatoes, canned soups, / packaged or jar gravy /dried or canned fruits, box cereal, peanut butter, jelly, cake mix, frosting, sauces spaghetti, jello, pudding, cornbread box/bag, canned tomatoes or sauces, dried beans, rice, or canned fruits, and or spices. Also, MRE packages of storable food. Or, bottles of wine/beer. (Or, one jumbo box/case of items counts as 5 items!) 
and vegetable/fruit SEEDS per packet (any kind!) 

The food needs to be unopened and not expired! and or a mix of paper products or general house-hold soaps/wipes/cleaners/soap/ sanitary pads & hygiene products, first aid supplies. (we count items and decide the number of chickens purchased at the gate!) 

PLEASE Do NOT bring tiny individual “sample-sized taco or mustard sauce” “small package noodles" or individually wrapped items like one cookie from a larger box!” open or expired items! - or tiny "sample items" 

Make sure that you understand these details! 

I URGE you to read these pages first & have your coop READY for chickens! or brooder READY for baby chicks. We want you to be successful.

1) The Healthy Coop   

2) Raising Baby Chicks  

3) Before You Buy Chickens

​ for longer responses or

TEXT for a fast response. or CALL 281-627-8009 

Please bring MORE boxes/cages than you need

1) keep all kids and pets inside of your car.

2) make sure your boxes/ cages are assembled and are
R-E-A-D-Y to load

if you need more time after arriving, we will load the next customer inline

bring an "eggstra" few boxes (the size of a large microwave -not too small)

we put 2 chickens or 3 chickens per box 

4) cut breathing holes in boxes sizes of quarters all sides for boxes

5) boxes need tight snug lids & cages need doors that close (NOT blankets or cardboard!!!!)

6) you MUST have a proper container to purchase chicks/pullets/hens, we will not let chickens ride in the back seat of your car or truck. chickens can fly and cause a car accident while you are driving the car -

(It's just unbelievable that I have to actually tell people this!) 

7) we load first come first served. If someone is parked in the driveway loading PLEASE DO NOT BLOCK TRAFFIC. 

8) bring optional barter items (and/or) silver coins or we do take debit/credit cards. Payment is PREFERRED in collectible coins, stamps or credit/debit cards. (cash still excepted, this may change soon)  


NOTE:  After Hour's Fee Of $20 Applied to Pick Up Orders AFTER 1 PM 

 We ARE Still Open Rain or Shine! - 

OPEN 7 Days a Week 8 AM Until 1 PM 

For BEST prices bring barter items!

See below! 

Prices Below in the order preferred: 



​Collectible Coins -  Stamps 


Credit or Debit Cards  


Cash + Barter (optional)

Our prices have NOT changed since 2014! 

Hens = $45 PER CHICKEN  (credit/debit OK) 

(and 5 food items per hen (or 5 vegetable/fruit seeds pkg)

​OR Add $10

Pullets = $25- $35   (credit/debit OK)

(and 3 food items per pullet) (or 3 vegetable / fruit seeds pkg)

OR Add $5

Chicks = $15- $20​   (credit/debit OK)

(and 3 food items per chick) (or 3 vegetable / fruit seeds pkg)

OR Add $5

If you do NOT bring food items/soap/paper products/vegetable/fruit seeds or other barter items our prices will be INCREASED by $10 PER CHICKEN $5 per chicks/pullets ​Please bring barter items or pay in coin collections, silver coins/rounds/credit is preferred - but cash is STILL excepted

Payment can be in collectible coins, stamps, or credit and or cash PLUS: Non-Perishable Food/Soap Items/Wipes/Paper Products
OR Vegetable/Fruit seeds! 

This is about a bag of pantry items, depending on how many chickens you purchase.​​

 See our BARTER PAGE for ideas if you CAN'T afford chickens we WILL barter with you in full or 50% of your order and 50% in other currency! 

We barter for needed items at this time. What can you trade? We want everyone to be able to afford chickens.

Currently LAYING EGGS NOW, we have New Hampshire Red, Rhode Island Red, Barred Rock all laying and plenty of assorted pullet breeds (3.5 months) all younger and not laying eggs yet. 

An assortment of baby chicks (good assortment farmers choice!) We try to get you some of your favorites!

​& GREAT Assortment Pullets 3 Month Up +

​Selling FAST 1st come 1st served