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I find that most families that want four chickens think that's enough eggs. Well MOST people want more chickens when they see Blue Star Ranch pens full laying hens. Year round we offer many popular breeds to choose from for your new flock. Remember, you can never ever have too many fresh eggs! I have found that a family of 5 should have at the very LEAST 8-10 full sized chickens for enough eggs. If you have an extra dozen fresh eggs from your coop each week, you will be looking for recipes for fresh eggs and start baking more often. It will happen!

Consider instead 2 x 4 welded wire for all outer doors and windows, and walls between the studs on your coop. When you design the structure of your coop, make a plan. This is very important. Design your coop for your actual needs. There are many coop plans available and free or very affordable. If you or your spouse or friend are handy with tools this can make a great project. There are many ideas for nearly free or very inexpensive supplies too. You can remake a dollhouse, tool shed or even scrap wood into a coop. but protection from predators is your number one concern.

You may not be able to purchase the supplies any cheaper, so consider buying a ready made coop. No more waiting to have someone help you make a coop. Get started today! Blue Star Ranch now SELLS great coops from 4 to 16 feet that will be sure to please anyone's taste.
Do be careful purchasing the ready make chicken coop "kits". Be sure of the dimensions before your purchase coop. Like all things wood is more expensive and ready made coops are shrinking in size. In some cases the coop kits may be different than is advertised. Be sure to come and see our coops at Blue Star Ranch before you make a decision on purchasing a mail-order coop kit. All coops at Blue Star Ranch are made in Texas!
Chicken coops at Blue Star Ranch are READY MADE and all in one piece. No confusing plans or blue prints and tools to consider. And sometimes trying to hire someone to build a coop for you is just too expensive. Just come on by Blue Star Ranch and pick out your very own coop today. 

Ideas For Building Your Coop The Right Way

(The 1st Time!)

Did you know that poultry wire (chicken wire) is NOT best for building a chicken coop? Are you surprised. Well so are most people when they hear this statement. Poultry wire is best to use in your garden or between cages INSIDE of a chicken coop. See, chicken wire will keep chickens in the pens, but it will NOT keep predators out. In fact, this is how many people lose their whole flocks to dogs, raccoons, bobcats and anything else that is hungry for a chicken dinner.
Chicken wire is good to use at the base of all INSIDE pens where you will be raising baby chicks. A baby chick can squeeze out of very tiny holes, and poultry wire will solve this problem.
Also, poultry wire is good for separating chickens into different pens and chickens will really never or rarely try to escape if installed properly. I find that there are more uses in my garden for chicken wire instead of the coop. Use chicken wire ONLY in places that are away from predators INSIDE of your coop ONLY.