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​*** PLEASE, do not bring your other pets (or leave them in your car if you do) ***

PLEASE have your suitable containers ready to carry chickens (we prefer) strong boxes with lids, wire cages, or pet carriers to carry chickens ​

*** fee charged $10 each for providing boxes if you purchase less than 3 chickens ***

*** NEW! chicken carrier boxes provided FREE for purchase of 3 or more chickens ***

*** three chicken minimum purchase requested ***

*** ages pullets 2 months to 6 months ***

*** wear outdoor shoes ***

*** bring your own hand cleanser *** No Deposits Or Holds *** All Chickens Are For Sale Unless Pre-Purchased - Limited Purchases On Some Breeds
Read About Poultry Guarantee & Owner Responsibility


 Because of our "eggsalent" poultry selections, most people purchase a few "eggstra" laying hens, so please bring extra cash/credit (well.....just in case!...)

​(1/2 mile from Blue Star Ranch!) 

Blue Star Ranch ​Location 

5305 Hudson Bend Dr Austin Texas 78734


 Hours - We are ALWAYS open. But we keep our gates locked and closed in case chickens "eggscape"

Call or text 281-627-8009 when you arrive and we will open the gate

Our price reflects the cost of bedding, medical care, labor, heat/electricity, Non GMO Feed and quality care.

Our prices range is from $10- $45 

See our "See Zero Food Waste Page" We are a small country family farm. Thank you for shopping locally! We appreciate your business and have a "Wish List" of things that we hope you can bring anytime to save our planet from wasted things that can be recycled.

Blue Star "Wish List" Please Save Our Planet 

Please Bring Unwanted items To Blue Star Ranch! 

Egg Cartons (any size)

Empty Boxes With Lids (almost any medium box with lids will do)

Bags Of Leaves & Grass Clippings, / Branches (they go into our compost pile)

Food Scraps for treats for the hens. Please save and bring:  Peelings, eggshells, blemished fruits cores or older fruit wilted greens, or all vegetables fresh or frozen, rice, pasta, cereals, cheese, and all left overs from anything you would eat. (but not green or black mold)

No worries we inspect all donations. These are a small amount of "treats" and make up less than 2% of their diet.

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Chicken Breeds List​ (Click Here) 

Please know in advance about the breeds that you wish to purchase 

If you do not know the specifics about each breed we can choose the chickens for you to take home. Since there are hundreds of chicken breeds we cannot teach you information about them on pickup date. This is why we ask you to know in advance what kind of chickens that you want.

​We DELIVER live pet chickens in FREE transport boxes

Call 281-627-8009

We deliver healthy non GMO chickens to MANY cities in Texas!