Community Coops

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Community coops are just that: your community. You raise the chickens the way that you feel is best. Most home grown chickens are much happier in smaller back yard coops as opposed to giant corporations that stuff them into crowded cages. Your chickens will be treated much more humanely than at a giant facility where they live short and abused lives.
Not having to ship in as many eggs to stores will also reduce traffic, and carbon emissions as well. Help the world by thinking and buying locally produced organic eggs.
Then begin composting the valuable litter and save start a community garden as well. (chicken manure is a very valuable resource)

Help local charities and food banks with the eggs that you produce! LETS ALL WORK TOGETHER FOR A BETTER WORLD!

We will pledge our time, poultry and services to our community around us. We want to help you to successfully raise your flock of egg laying hens or learn how to raise and grow your own meat poultry. Contact us for donations! & Learn how to sell eggs or meat to fund your charity. You can also help members in your groups with eggs and meat.

We will teach you how to harvest chickens for meat, or raise a pen of productive egg layers to sell for profit. This is a FREE service for charities. 
Further, if in many cases Blue Star Ranch will also DONATE chickens to your legitimate business projects.
A productive laying hen will give much more than she will consume. They produce eggs of course, eat bugs and provide the best fertilizer for your garden.

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