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Here are a FEW links below of the many THOUSANDS of national media outlets that my personal story has reached. Folks, there are thousands of homeowners that face this kind of abuse from HOA's and now everyday people, homeowners, condo owners are having to become online blogger activists and face the Homeowner Associations in court in order to bring  attention to this matter. Now even government officials are investigating these unjust events in order to finally bring sweeping changes to our neighborhoods and restore our personal freedoms once again.

The National Homeowners Advocate Group

HOA Reform Activists In Action

HOA Reform Coalition Of Texas

On The Commons News And Views About Homeowner Associations

Are you with local or national media/news and want to cover HOA abuse? Contact me at 

281-627-8009 for discussion on my personal story of alleged HOA abuse.​

BRAVO!  My personal HOA case as well as several other homeowners / HOA cases finally have reached the proper channels! An inquiry and investigation is UNDERWAY SOON!  Thanks to the many organizations and Facebook groups for your support in getting my case to the proper agencies for this investigation. 

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