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blue star ranch chicken breeds #atx

Current Breeds List -

LOOK! Lots Of Breeds & Now Bantams!

Blue Star Ranch Keeps Different Breeds Each Season.

Most Seasons We raise:

(Standard Sized)

Rhode Island Reds

White Leghorns 

Plymouth Barred Rock 

Sex Links Gold, Black, Red, or Brown 

Buff Orpingtons

Black Australorp,

and Easter Eggers "Americanas"

Silver Laced Wyandottes 

Light Brahmas,

Speckled Sussex

WOW! what a selection! 

Bantam Breeds Many Varieties

Assorted Bantams llliiittllle ttiinnnnyyy chickens (boy or girl mixed straight runs) BUT we at Blue Star Ranch GUARANTEE to accept roosters in a return and "eggchange" for a hen! 
WOW no kidding! (buy the rooster "eggchange guarantee")

Here!  Lavender- Orpingtons
Coming Soon Barred Lavender Americanas
Coming soon Cream Legbars
Coming soon 'SHOWGIRLS" OMG
Coming soon - Silkies all colors! OMG

Here!  Blue Laced Red Wyandottes OMG!

We NOW have Black Copper Marans, Blue Splash Marins, Lots of Bantams Breeds