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Before You Buy Chickens ANYWHERE  Read This Page!!!!!!

As with many established businesses over the years, we have MANY happy repeat customers that buy chickens from Blue Star Ranch. And now and again there are customers that I will refuse and not sell chickens to in the future. (to whiny micro-agressive trouble makers, I suggest you shop elsewhere!) 

Too many customers arrive here at Blue Star Ranch all fresh and dreamy eyed from reading the glowing stories about how happy you will be when owning chickens. You CAN be, but there is also risk and responsibility in raising chickens too!  You the new chicken owner need to know this before buying chickens (read on!) 


This information is all on my website for people to read. 99% of people READ AND UNDERSTAND this information above, but there is 1% that feel that this information does not apply to them and they are due cash refunds or more free chickens. 

Some folks (usually young people that have never even SEEN a chicken before) become "personally offended" if their chicken wanders off and something happens to it!  (or if it drowns during a flood or gets sick in cold wet weather) IF YOU NEED INFORMATION ABOUT CHICKENS WATCH THESE ACTUAL FARM VIDEOS HERE -  ACQUIRED KNOWLEDGE IS BETTER THAN SEARCHING CHAT- ROOMS FOR ADVICE!

This is a sample below of a customer that has left a "bad review" for Blue Star Ranch:

Sometimes the most in-experienced and typically young customers are the FIRST ones to call and say "that chicken you sold me 3 months ago died"  Then they proceed to demand instant refunds or resort to social media threats!  Remember, before the purchase of poultry this same customer never even SAW or HELD a chicken but now this angry "offended" customer seems to have acquired a vast amount of knowledge in the weeks or months since becoming a new chicken owner. 

 It seems that this person has suddenly acquired a PHD masters of knowledge in poultry infectious diseases and proceeds to tell me everything I did wrong on raising chickens and why my coops are bad and unhealthy! 

Folks! If you want to raise chickens please understand what you are doing and most of what you read on the internet about raising chickens is through rose colored glasses! There is a learning curve to raising a flock of chickens!

Thank you! Mary Ann (aka "The Chicken Lady")  


Hi! come visit Blue Star Ranch and see our quality poultry farm for yourself!  This page is to 'eggsplain" the few "bad Social Media reviews about Blue Star Ranch."  Sometimes a customer that may be new to raising chickens and do not understand the laws of Natural Selection, (or Mother Nature) then post their rage on social media after making mistakes!

Well! welcome to "eggsperience" with chickens. Ding! ding! ding! Raising chickens has a learning curve! All chickens that live in outdoor coops  health is subject to the changing weather & environmental living conditions. Free Ranging chickens also has risks to predators and bacterial illnesses. The real truth is, raising chicks or establishing a coop for a flock of hens takes time, experience, and skill. Learning everything right away isn’t something you can master by visiting backyard chickens chat room!  

If anything happens to your chickens, why do I not replace your chickens for FREE? 
Better than that! I will DOUBLE YOUR $$$$$$$$ MONEY back for all chickens purchased from Blue Star Ranch - if you lose your chickens for ANY reason - IF you can find another chicken farm that will refund money for free range agricultural animals. 

(Pppssssst hint: there is NO other company refunds money EITHER for agricultural farm animals!) Why? because all companies are aware that there are possible risks in raising outdoor animals!  ​

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