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This page is to 'eggsplain" the "bad Social Media reviews" out there. Over the years I have raised nearly 400,000 chickens or more to maturity. My name is Mary Ann and I am known as "The Chicken Lady"  We have sold many thousands of chickens at Blue Star Ranch since 2008. I donate my time to agricultural or community events or causes and zero waste food programs. Further, I do make donations of chickens/eggs to charities as well as spend countless hours on the phone teaching customers all about chickens. So I am not really the "monster" that the bad reviews make me to appear to be.

ALL customers are told that there are risks of disease or injury in raising chickens. 99% of customers understand this. But this page is for the 1% of customers that feel that they have been wronged somehow because something bad happened to their chickens. 

If you want to buy chickens from me PLEASE read this page! 

If anything happens to your chickens  why do I not replace your chickens for FREE?  

I will DOUBLE YOUR $$$$$$$$ MONEY back for all chickens purchased from Blue Star Ranch - if you lose your chickens for ANY reason - IF you can find another chicken farm that will refund money for free range agricultural animals.

(Pppssssst hint: there is NO other company refunds money EITHER for agricultural farm animals!) Why? because all companies are aware that there are possible risks in raising outdoor animals! 

(click on these links for a FAST education in raising chickens) 

Because When You Purchase LIVE Animals There Are Responsibilities & Risks! Of Raising A Live Animal 

1) Some folks raise their chickens in unsafe or unhealthy conditions (ventilation/bedding/heat) changing from our established coop bacteria to your

(A)Fresh and "clean pine shavings" (from treated wood) is a disaster for chickens.

(B) Consider building your "coop immunity" this does not happen overnight

2) Customers do not hear my warnings about pet dogs that play too rough-
Most dogs play too hard! They CAN hurt or kill your chickens

3) Kids/toddlers that chase chickens / over-handling

4) Poor weather conditions (too hot, too wet, too cold)

5) Predator attack

6) Some customers free range chickens against my advice  ".....The health control of poultry reared free-range systems is less strict than that of commercial flocks, increasing the risk of disease outbreak. Fossum et al. (2009) reported significant differences in the health of poultry reared under different....."  So "free ranging " chickens are NOT as healthy as chickens that you grow and keep in your coop! 

7) Some folks do not read (nor understand the AS IS policy)

8) Customers buy the WRONG breed of chicken for changing seasons against my advice. We raise chickens breeds by the season. Some breeds are BETTER for fall/winter wet weather

9) Customers that buy chickens from several chicken breeders/sellers (is it REALLY my chicken that got sick?) 

) Customers that do not use proper bedding  - pet shavings and pre-bagged material (from treated wood with pesticides) NOT healthy! & contains BUG KILLER POISON - use natural garden compost.

) Customers that give the baby chicks wrong kind food - bantams and small chicks need almost powdered or finely crushed feed commercial feeds are too big for them to eat! 

12) ALL chickens NEED sunlight. lack of proper amount of sunlight can cause your chicken to become ill!  - chickens require full-spectrum natural sunlight for vitamin D and overall health. sunlight is also essential for chicken health. "chickens need to have some shade, but they actually need to spend most of their time in the sunlight,"  (based on breed type) when chickens urinate and defecate in the open, the sun dries up the fluids and bacteria in them. "if there are parasite eggs in the feces, the UV light from the sun can actually kill those eggs. (and prevent infectious diseases)

13) More over customers do not follow our website advice - nor understand risks & think nothing can happen to chickens. They do not purchase insurance and instead demand refunds and threaten social media trolling/threats or even physical attacks! against me personally! if something happens to their chickens!   (If you do not want to buy the optional the replacement insurance at least understand the risks of owning a live animal) 

14) Rules for optional insurance


This information is all on my website for people to read. 99% of people READ AND UNDERSTAND this information above, but there is 1% that feel that this information does not apply to them and they are due cash refunds or more free chickens.If all customers READ this page and understand the principles then you should be successful with your chickens flocks! 

Some customers that do not follow my advice are the FIRST ones to call and say " that chicken you sold me died"  Then proceed to demand refunds or resort to threats! 

(after reading an article on the internet) Remember last week this same customer never even SAW or HELD a chicken but this week this angry customer now seems to have acquired a vast amount of knowledge in the weeks or months since becoming a chicken owner.  It seems that this new chicken owner has aquired a PHD masters of knowledge in poultry infectious diseases and proceeds to tell me everything I did wrong on raising chickens and why my coops are bad and unhealthy!) 

Folks! If you want to raise chickens please understand what you are doing and most of what you read on the internet about raising chickens is through rose colored glasses! 

Some customers do NOT follow the instructions or advice and call/ text/send photos or videos of sick chickens and expect me to diagnose the illness or disease or injury for free and spend about 1 hour doing so per customer.  

Customers that do not read this information call me, plus my other farming activities and accounting and such leaves me with little free time. And I just can no longer do for free. I do care about chickens AND my customers. 

Since this information above is all FREE for the taking, I do charge for phone consultations (or skype/video)   YOU would not work for free and I cannot be "eggspected" to work for free either!  I am here most of the time and available to help you with your chicken issues and problems of nearly any kind. 

To all of my happy and friendly customers over the years thank you for your continued business and repeat purchases from Blue Star Ranch! Rest assured I am raising several hundred new spring chickens  for you all winter (new baby chicks are here!) so that you will have chickens next year.  Please feel free to call anytime to ask about what breeds and ages of chickens that we currently have in stock! 

Thank you! Mary Ann (aka "The Chicken Lady") 

About Blue Star Ranch Sales & Reviews

We can NOT and DO NOT replace chickens for ANY reason unless optional chicken insurance is purchased at time of sale. Because of risks involved with raising outdoor agricultural farm animals.

​1) You will be told there are no free replacements or refunds verbally at time of sale

2) This is printed on the back of my business cards and brochures as well  

3) And sent to you by text or email receipt. 

Yet there are STILL customers that don't understand this or "get it" 

The real truth is, raising chickens from chicks to grow hens for eggs or establishing a coop for a flock of hens takes time, experience, and skill. It isn’t something you can master by visiting backyard chickens chat room!  Now can you handle the TRUTH? 

Before You Buy Chickens ANYWHERE  Read This Page!!!!!!

As with many established businesses over the years, we have MANY happy repeat customers that buy chickens from Blue Star Ranch. And now and again there are customers that I will refuse and not sell chickens to in the future. 

Too many customers arrive here at Blue Star Ranch all fresh and dreamy eyed from reading the glowing stories about how happy you will be when owning chickens. You CAN be, but there is also risk and responsibility in raising chickens too!  You the new chicken owner need to know this before buying chickens (read on!)