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Here at Blue Star Ranch we offer "eggspert" ™ advice on our website for the raising and care of natural healthy cage free chickens. Its my goal to not only offer the best chickens in Texas but to provide education and support from years of my farming experience and knowledge. Further, Blue Star Ranch supports the zero waste program that reduces food waste.

Blue Star Ranch gives back into the community and we are proud to share our knowledge with our community neighbors. We are supporting a community coop program to  help our neighbors learn to reduce food waste and to educate people on raising chickens. Raising a coop of chickens provides food from eggs, meat and gardening from the compost.

Blue Star Ranch customers are from all parts of Texas and we do have chickens in all seasons year round even if they are hard to find in your part of town. We are located in the Texas Hill Country in Austin Texas. We care only one mile from Lake Travis. So come and visit us and have a fun family day at the lake. We are close to Georgetown, Bastrop, Giddings, San Marcus, Marble Falls, Wimberley and Pflugerville, and not too far from San Antonio. Many of our regular customers still visit us from the Houston Texas general area. Also, located close to: Katy, Waller, Bryan College Station, Austin, San Antonio, Brenham and more. Most seasons Blue Star Ranch houses pullets of all ages and many popular breeds. Each season the breeds will vary based on availability. Start shopping at Blue Star Ranch when you want to start a fun and recreational backyard hobby, or if you want to start your own business, Blue Star Ranch is the best choice you can make as we offer a good selection of the most popular breeds.  We have many ages and breeds of chickens for sale: baby chicks, started pullets, hens and chickens and egg laying hens for sale. Blue Star hens are handled and socialized daily so they make great pets. Or, you can choose hens for egg production. Started pullets and laying hens are available year round.

Pullets In Stock - New Flocks Added Each Month

You can select a whole flock of egg laying hens and they can start laying eggs tomorrow! Or choose pullets that will be laying their first eggs in a few weeks. NEW! colored and numbered legbands free! Shop for chickens or started pullets online and learn about poultry from our real daily farm life. Rule #1 a happy and healthy hen....makes eggs! Blue Star Ranch is BEST the place to shop for chickens and egg laying hens. Now at Blue Star Ranch you can choose all ages of poultry. Baby chicks grow very fast so may be available for some seasons. From baby chicks, to started pullets. (young hens not laying yet) In our poultry growing pens year round at Blue Star Ranch we have the most popular breeds of chickens for sale: White Leghorns, Black Australorp, Rhode Island Red, Plymouth Barred Rock, and Buff Orpingtons As well as the blue/green egg layers the very colorful Americanas or "Easter Eggers" We do of course carry other breeds too. Please call us to "hold" your chicken order. No prepayment or deposit required! There are many easy and cost saving ways to care for and enjoy your chickens or started pullets so they will be productive and happy layers for years to come.