Call Or text NOW if your coop was broken into by a predator and your chickens were harmed. Or, call for a consultation while building your new coop.

​Payment required for coop emergency or consultation

10 years poultry and coop experience to repel predators

There is a RIGHT way to build a coop to stop predators.

 Choose method of contact for coop consultation - Phone call, photo or video

 Call by phone, upload videos and photos of your coop for consultation OR the DAMAGE ASAP

By looking at the entry point of the damage in your current coop we may be able to determine the type of predator and STOP all future break ins!

Or call BEFORE you add chickens to the coop to make sure that your coop is ready for chickens! 

We are the ONLY online coop consultation service that will review your situation over the phone, by photo or videos to get you the answers you need FAST for your fine feathered friend. 

Did you know that chicken wire is NOT strong enough for chicken coops to protect your chickens? Most times poultry wire is good for inside of coop, not for the outside of your coop. With a fast coop consultation (video or photo) we can solve ALL of your coop problems in one call! 

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BEFORE you add that last finishing touch to your coop masterpiece. Its important to build your coop the RIGHT way the 1st time!

Many many times over the years my new customers call Blue Star Ranch wanting chickens BECAUSE something got into the coop and killed the chickens! This can be prevented with ONE $10 phone call!