When your chicken starts to gets ill its important to treat anything fast. Once a chicken is ill enough to lay on her side the outcome does not look good. 

  • Sick Chickens Stand In The Corner Of Coop
  • Puffy Eyes Or Face
  • Avoid Other Chickens
  • May Be Pecked On
  • Stop Eating & Drinking
  • Wheeze As Hard To Breathe
  • Bloody Foamy Poop
  • Puff Up Feathers & Head Hang Down
  • ​Lay On Side
  • ​Pale Comb

Disclaimer -I use practical farm knowledge and many years of experience to teach about chickens. I understand that by reading and learning information from this website or any connecting links, phone calls and texts that Blue Star Ranch is NOT practicing medicine. We are NOT licensed vets nor do we treat poultry. 

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(Note We Are Not Licensed Vets)

I gladly donate my time to help chicken owners in need. So if you have a sick chicken please:

Put her in a cage or crate and make sure that she is warm. Wrap a towel around her if she seems stressed. Keep her in quiet location

She needs to stand up and walk at least once in 24 hours

Keep her away from other chickens

Look for any injuries

Try to see if she will eat food or drink anything

Check her poop on the poop chart

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