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 Poultry Pick Up Dates:

 OPEN: Friday - Saturday - Sunday From 10 AM 2 PM (rain or shine)
(or call to make your own pick up appointment!)
*** CLICK HERE TO VIEW BREEDS *** - Starting Your New Chicken Flock from Fordyce Films on Vimeo.


Call 281-627-8009


Pre order now for best prices! Our prices are subject to change without notice!
FACE IT! "the sky really IS falling"  just like in the "Chicken Little" story only this time it's our world's economy) The time to buy your chickens is NOW. Blue Star Ranch is now ***reserving*** chickens on our farmers select special. Seriously its a good idea to order chickens ahead of time to be sure that you will have them when you need them.
  • Call  text or email to plan your visit
  • Pre pay in person or on the phone
  • Collect or be sent your paid receipt for the portion and the age of chickens you purchased.
  • No cancellations, full or partial refunds only a credit will be issued for your next live chicken order if you do need to cancel your order for any reason.
  • Chickens are PICK UP ONLY and we do not ship chickens.
  • Payments accepted US dollars, debit, credit or barter, but payment methods may change as the economy continues to decline. 
  • FREEZE the prices of chickens at 2016 prices. 
  • Pullets/Hens ages for pick up 8 weeks and up starting 2016
We now are growing our 2016 pullets and hens and they are available for pre-sell. Each year we have a waiting list for customers. This year you are welcome to visit our farm to pre purchase your chickens (in person or over the phone) and you will be sent your invoice showing your prepayment THAT WILL GUARANTEE we are holding your chickens until you can pick them up. 

Due to consumer demand we are allowing the pre-paid purchase of chickens. If you reserve your "farmers select special" chickens with a DEPOSIT or paid in full your baby chicks are raised here on our ranch until age 8 to 20 weeks old weeks old. (average ages 2 - 5 months old)
You are guaranteed to get healthy pullets will lay assorted colored eggs. Most will be brown egg layers. We will give you a great choice of chickens but CAN NOT guarantee any specific breeds.
Customers with paid deposits or receipts will have the first choice of chickens in each pen of pullets


 Guaranteed Chickens Available
cell - 281-627-8009

***Blue Star Ranch reserves and retains the right to select or refuse customers based on their physical actions, demeanor or character. We can refuse service to anyone.***




Blue Star Ranch is only selling a VERY LIMITED NUMBER OF PRE PAID CHICKENS
Our Blue Star Ranch chickens are 1st come and 1st served- Do not be left "chickenless" in this economy. Our American economy is taking a serious down turn and when the dollar will lose even more purchasing power, the price of everything (if you can get it) will go up!
Due to last year's flooding in Texas, the avian flu outbreak AGAIN in 2016, and egg price increase and shortages of healthy poultry there is a HUGE demand for chickens. As the economy takes a downturn the prices of chickens at Blue Star Ranch will increase too.

FACT: There are chicken shortages in every state - We are "eggspanding" to keep up with the demands for healthy poultry.

Assorted popular breeds Brown or white/green/blue egg layers ages from pullets assorted ages to full sized hens. RARE! Buff/Dark/Light Brahmas, Standard Cochins (rare colors) Mottled Javas, Golden or Cream Brabanters, Also Necked Neck Turkins assorted colors Plus: White Leghorn, Plymouth White Rock, Plymouth Barred Rock Necked Neck Turkens Buff Orpingtons Dark Cornish, Buff or Black Minorcas, Easter Eggers (Americanas) Production Reds, Rhode Island Reds, Red/Gold or Black Sex Links, Black Australorpe, plus other breeds too. Some popular breeds LIMITED purchase or SELECTION!!! Call for details.



Pre plan ahead and get your chickens while they are available for sale. We will BARTER for needed goods or items too!
Call for details 281-627-8009