Blue Star Ranch Policy For Pick Up Of Poultry

Please read our poultry transportation page

You select the chickens that YOU choose based on color, breed or personality!


Choose from assorted ages


Purchase your chickens from a real farm and learn correct poultry care from an experienced farmer INSTEAD of buying your chickens online from a computer! We bring our healthy chickens to you!

Blue Star Ranch provides healthy hens, pullets or chicks for pick up ONLY because

When you pick up your chickens they will arrive to your destination safe and sound. Because you will be more careful with your chickens than a shipping company.

Postal mail and delivery by air freight or commercial truck its not healthy or safe for live animals!

No shipping fees


Bring a suitable box or cage/crate

No charge backs or refunds from banks or credit cards due to sick or dead chickens on arrival.

(it happens)