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How To Establish Your New Flock Or Adding Chickens To Your Current Flocks


Remember These Simple Rules When Starting Your Flock

Its BEST to keep your hens in an enclosed coop and run and not let them out. If you choose to your chickens out, there is always danger lurking for your chickens. This includes, predators, neighbors dogs, kids chasing them or getting caught in a wire fence, or even eating lawn or rat pesticides are all dangers for your new chickens!
It can take your new hens a few days to a week to settle down and start laying eggs- Keep your new hens in a safe and calm place, especially when establishing your flock

All chickens have a "pecking order" its natural to see chickens fluffing feathers, picking at each others necks, or chasing a coop mate away from the feed bowl. This is NATURAL- In a few days your dominate hen will "rule the roost" and soon after the hens will start to lay eggs.

Its important to NOT let your new chickens out to roam for the 1st week, your new hens have to "bond" with their surroundings so that they know where to roost at night. Keep them in their coop for at least 5 to 7 days.


How To Add Chickens To Your "Eggs-isting Flock"
  • Do NOT add new chickens to current flock in daytime- Your coop may "Eggsperience" pecking order problems
  • Add new chickens to your flocks in night time hours or at dusk when your other hens have gone in to roost for the night
  • Or keep your new chickens separated by wire cage or poultry wire for a few days and then release them after a few days in he dusk time to your new flock
  • These tips should prevent serious pecking order or territorial issues in your coop. Remember pecking order is natural and the will be some scuffling. That is normal.


Remember to check the doors on your coop at night. Designate a responsible person in your family to "lock the coop" at night *** BONUS tip *** put a "chicken alarm" on your cell phone to ring and remind you to close the coop properly. This will prevent any predators getting in your hen house at night for a chicken dinner. 


Starting Your New Flock Is Easy