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Great for Farmers Markets, Feed Stores, Auctions and Wholesale Dealers

We are fully stocked with many breeds of chickens at different ages. From non graded farm table eggs or fertile hatching eggs, chicks, pullets, roosters and full sized laying hens.
Special pricing is made to farmers markets, auctions and feed stores so that you can re-sell poultry for a profit.
All pricing is based on volume and availability. We will not give wholesale/dealer pricing on the phone. All wholesale buyers must discuss pricing in person.


You do not have to wait weeks or months to grow out chickens.
Blue Star Ranch has a complete poultry business just waiting for you. Simply provide a place to sell chickens, purchase your chickens and YOU ARE IN BUSINESS





Call us at least one week in advance of purchase and your chickens will be placed "on hold" no deposit required.
Available are hens, pullets, roosters and chicks. 
(Our chickens are NPIP.tx certified) 
FRESH FARM EGGS are for wholesale to dealers only.
Call 281-627-8009