​*** please, do not bring your pets (or leave them in your car if you do) ***

*** bring cages or boxes with lids pre-built to load 

*** fee charged $10 each for providing boxes ***

*** ages pullets 2 months to 6 months ***

*** wear outdoor shoes ***

*** bring your own hand cleanser *** No Deposits Or Holds *** All Chickens Are For Sale - Limited Purchases On Some Breeds
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PLEASE have your suitable containers ready to carry chickens (we prefer) strong boxes with lids, wire cages, or pet carriers to carry chickens 

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 Because of our "eggsalent" poultry selections, most people purchase a few "eggstra" laying hens, so please bring extra cash (well.....just in case!...)

​(1 mile from Blue Star Ranch!) 

Blue Star Ranch ​Location 

5305 Hudson Bend Dr Austin Texas 78734