Look at this breed (Right) the Dark Cornish breed is a SUPER bird and very strong and hardy. Used mainly as a meat breed but is also a decent and consistent egg layer too. Hens lay about four brown medium eggs a week and are so easy to care for. Very strong birds and weigh about nine or more pounds for a good sized hen. Colors are dark, white or red laced Cornish. They are very attractive birds too.

The White Leghorn (below) is without a doubt the BEST egg layer of all for white eggs. (Leghorns also come in other colors, Dark Brown, Light Brown, Red and even a Black Leghorn too!)  They lay JUMBO eggs that are all white. A very hardy breed and also natural immunity too. Simple, plain but you won't find a better egg layer. This is a commercial breed. Leghorns do well in Texas heat and weather changes. They weigh only about 5 pounds when mature. So you get JUMBO eggs for about half as much feed that you give to the larger breeds.

Look at important information on video above for natural immunity to poultry diseases. Blue Star Ranch uses organic probiotics on our farm for our chickens health.

Most people that want chickens have a purpose. Meaning you may want to grow your own meat, or you may just want a few eggs. There are so many breeds around and most have different characteristics based on each breed. So its important to choose the best chicken for your purpose. Some breeds are popular over the years for a reason. Some people want "pet chickens" some wish for fresh eggs every day and others want meat on the table. Some chicken breeds are dual purpose and are good for both eggs and meat. So what is best for you?

This breed (above) is a very strong and hardy breed The "Gold Sex Link" known by many other names too. The GSL is commercial breed and does very well in Texas constant weather changes. This breed does well in heat, cold and wet environments. She is a SUPER LAYER and comes in basic gold/white, red/white and all colors in between. Of the "sex-linked breeds/colors and variations, Gold Sex Links (cross between a Rhode Island Red and Rhode Island White) AND the Red Sex Linked (Rhode Island Red rooster and a Delaware hen) seem to be the strongest of the sex link variety  and these breeds lay great JUMBO brown eggs Almost "no maintenance" chickens and have super immunity naturally.  

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Listed Below Are My Favorite Breeds Overall- These Three Commercial "Starter" Chicken Breeds Are The Easiest To Care For-  The More "Fancy" Breeds May Have A Lack Of Immunity To Sudden Weather Changes Or Bacteria
Blue Star Ranch Keeps Different Breeds Each Season. Most Seasons We Keep  Rhode Island Reds, White Leghorns, Plymouth Barred Rock, Sex Links Gold, Black, Red, or Brown, Buff Orpingtons, Black Australorp, and Easter Eggers "Americanas" Plus, Other Breeds Vary Each Season