• Did you know that Homeowner Association make their own rules and change them as they go along?‚Äč
  •  Did you know that there are NO RULES governing the powers nor limiting the lawsuits you can be assaulted with based on a "whim" of someone that does not like you?
  • Did you know that HOA's can foreclose on your home for a minor infraction?

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The Truth Doesn't Fear Investigation.

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We are taking this case to to the court of public opinion for social justice

YOU will be the jury! 

Its Time For Change


 A professional investigative news mini documentary video will be released SOON about unregulated homeowners associations will be released to social media and posted for everyone to see. 

New laws need to be made to control the 100% unregulated Home Owners Associations and the bullying tactics that they use to harm homeowners for petty reasons and small businesses. 

NEW video coming soon. We are starting a petition to make the change. Its time. Do not allow HOA's to rule your life and ruin your right to have a business at your residence. 

We all need to change the laws. Sign the upcoming petition. 

The Definition Of "Injustice" 

Injustice is a quality relating to unfairness or undeserved outcomes. 

While even acts of nature can sometimes arouse the sense of injustice, the sense is usually felt in relation to human action such as misuse, abuse, neglect, or malfeasance that is uncorrected or else sanctioned by a legal system or fellow human beings.

The sense of injustice can be a powerful motivational condition, causing people to take action not just to defend themselves but also others who they perceive to be unfairly treated.

To The HOA Bully's I Say: 

"You Haven't Seen The Last Of Me"