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We appreciate your business!
Blue Star Ranch offers healthy live chickens for sale only. No returns, exchanges or refunds in whole or part for live poultry or products/items- All poultry is sold in best condition and sold AS IS. Inspect chickens before leaving the sale. 
You are assuming the responsibility for the safe transport of the poultry after purchasing. Understand that a chicken is a living animal & is subject to the actual laws of nature. Please create your own compost base mixture for raising chickens before purchase. Know that "free-ranging" chicken outside of your coop can allow your chickens to get into foreign objects, (pesticides/nails/string or a host of diseases that are not curable)
Too much handling from anyone (kids or adults) is not good for chickens let them get settled for a few days in the coop area. Too much stress can make your chickens sick or worse. Keep your poultry away from dogs and other predators.
Once you place your order online or by cash or debit/card a credit only will be given sometimes on a case by case basis and NO CASH REFUNDS EVER FOR LIVE POULTRY 
MUST READ If you cancel your order and request a refund for any reason BEFORE you pick up your chickens there is a 25% of purchase price cancellation restocking fee. OR Blue Star will give you a credit or a gift certificate for a future purchase of 100% of the purchase price.
The pick up and delivery of your chickens is based on our availability and schedule. There will be pick up times posted on the website as chickens are available. We DO NOT allow pick up of poultry in the rain or storms or extreme heat.
There is a 100% guarantee that all Sex Linked chickens are female (bred for the feather color to determine the sex) Since Blue Star Ranch raises female only (pullets) there is a 95% guarantee to purchase only hens/pullets. Some chicken owners will purchase chickens from several places besides Blue Star Ranch (not a good idea!) and end up with roosters. Many chickens of most breeds all look alike and so for this reason (in part) we do NOT replace or exchange hens for unwanted roosters. Understand that in very young chickens it may be difficult in some breeds to determine the sex, so there is a slight 5% chance of getting rooster if you do not select the "sex linked" breeds. All chickens are inspected carefully to determine health and gender.
By (our inspection and your inspection) and acceptance of the poultry, you the buyer acknowledges that the limitations and disclaimers herein set forth are conditions of the sale, and constitute the entire agreement between the parties. The seller warrants that the poultry purchased will be in good condition, so far as can reasonably be determined, at the time of the inspection and pick up by seller, who has exercised flock control, production, (including established sanitary and disease control standards) generally accepted in the industry. It is understood, agreed and considered reasonable that THERE ARE NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, WITH RESPECT TO THE POULTRY THAN THOSE SPECIFICALLY STATED IN THIS AGREEMENT, AND SELLER SPECIFICALLY DISCLAIMS ANY WARRANT OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS OF THE POULTRY. 

A chicken is a living animal and nature does what she does best. Mother Nature controls all life.
Blue Star Ranch works hard to ensure you the best selection of the healthiest chickens possible. Even with the BEST of care, Mother Nature is in fact in control of your chickens health. All you can do is just care for them the BEST that you can.
Blue Star Ranch baby chicks are all vaccinated against Marek's disease. Because chickens are all vaccinated as babies from the hatchery does not mean that they are immune to this




(A great place for beginners!)
Over the years I have read much information at websites and forums. There is much information that you can learn from many chicken owners. Most of my poultry experience has come from real hard work and everyday farm life. So if you read or belong to a forum be very selective what you read (and what you post) as not everything posted on many popular poultry websites may be accurate. In addition, what you write may be misread by other forum members. So for these reasons I do not post at public forums anywhere.


Blue Star Ranch (unfortunately sometimes) may be misrepresented in a public or social forum or social media by a poultry owner that did not understand the risks, nor assume the risks, involved with raising a live farm animal. Often website chat rooms and chicken clubs sometimes just spread "lies and repeat gossip"  How sad that public forums are allowed to break their own rules and allow harmful and false information to be spread. Further, we take our reputation seriously and we will use legal measures if needed to prevent libelous information from causing harm to our copyrighted name.  We at Blue Star Ranch are very proud of our customer support and high quality reputation for selling the best chickens raised in Texas!