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What steps do you take to prevent diseases in your chickens? Even if you provide proper care Mother Nature can still send illness your way. But don't panic! Most common illnesses are treatable if detected early and your chicken is medicated properly

  • (Please note: graphic chart to some) Check your chickens "poo weekly or daily" if you suspect that it may be ill.
  • Do NOT overclean your coop! it spreads diseases!
  • Keep the correct medicines and supplies in your pantry for emergencies.
  • Use Organic Probiotics in your coop and for your chickens health.
  • DO not overstress your chickens! Moving your chickens from cage to cage, or dogs chasing them, kids or people that handle chickens TOO MUCH can cause chickens to break out in some diseases! (MG)
  • A weather change; unless your raise your chickens INDOORS their whole life, (Most people can't) and there is a sudden weather change, your chickens can become ill very quickly. I find that wet and cold weather is one of your worst enemies when it comes to chickens health. In Texas, as you know our weather can start out at a balmy 85 degrees in the afternoon and plummet to 20 degrees at night. Chickens will "huddle"  together and become very close to each other for warmth. (and get sick)
  • What to do?
  • A) Make sure your chickens have a warm and dry place to roost at night
  • B) Consider shutting the windows and doors and or cover with a thick layer of plastic. Be sure to leave an opening for ventilation/air.
  • C) Or, consider hanging warm heat lamps to dry up the humidity in the air. (be careful for fire hazards!)
  • D) Be SURE to add to clean water fresh garlic/apple cider/ real honey mixture about 4 tablespoons of each PER GALLON. Add this during cold or sudden weather changes EACH WEEK. In some cases, you can switch to small amounts (1/2 dose) of Tylan, Sulment and Vitamin A - every few weeks BEFORE your chickens get sick.
  • E) Just because you add medicines to water does NOT mean chickens will drink on thier own. In some cases for chickens that "lag behind" and if they stand in corners or stay fluffed all day. Be SURE to give them 10 drops each day for 3 days. (Be SURE that they are eating and don't give them the mixture on an empty crop!) You may have to feed some ill chickens boiled egg mixed with water and thin it down before giving them this "GOLD" medicine. It works like a charm!
  • Chickens seem to do much better in weather that has less than 50% humidity. Also,chickens like drier and warmer (not hot) weather. So mid-spring, late-spring,  parts of summer and early fall are a chickens best friend. (if not too hot or wet!)