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There is a HUGE demand for chickens and Blue Star expects to have a waiting list this year for poultry. Prices on feed, supplies, medication, utilities plus labor are all still increasing. We are the LEADER of quality poultry in Texas. You have many ages of chickens to select.
  • You may purchase different age chickens
  • Ask your friends to share a ride to Blue Star to save gas
  • Ask your friends/family to purchase chickens when you do and SAVE $5 per chicken! (on orders less than 10 per order)
  • We do NOT ship chickens for health and safety of chickens
  • If YOU drive your own chickens home they will arrive safer and healthier than being transported by mail or airlines for several days. No shipping or postage fees!

Chicken Breeds List



A chicken can grow fast and eat nearly 100 pounds of feed by the time she starts laying eggs. Its costly to feed a chicken for 6 to 8 months and provide labor and medical care too. Our prices reflect these costs.

If you grow out your OWN chickens from a chick, your costs can be actually more then the prices of our full sized hens!


Baby Chicks
Up To 1 Month
$10 Each
Up To 3 Months
$20 Each
4 To 5 Months
$30 Each
6 To 7 Months
$35 Each
7 Plus Months
$40 Each

Our prices are subject to change without notice!

NEW! See Barter/Swap/Trade Details Bottom This Page!

Our prices reflect the continued rising costs of chicks, medication, probiotics immunizations, labor, quality feeds and bedding materials, plus electricity for heat.


There is a HUGE demand for poultry, Many hatcheries are sold out in 2015 already up until Spring and Summer & Fall on many breeds. 

Blue Star Ranch GUARANTEES pullets (girl chicks) are available for sale. So do be cautious of some backyard dealers and feed stores, as they may knowingly sell you rooster chicks, in place of pullets.

Also, when purchasing baby chicks, or chickens anywhere look for any bloody or loose droppings in the coop area, (poop chart graphic) this is a sign of very sick poultry. A healthy chick or pullet is curious, active, has bright eyes and generally scratching for food. They should look lively and be energetic. If chickens seem to droop wings, have over fluffed feathers, and its hanging its head down or standing in the corner of the coop, this is not a healthy chicken. (during cold weather some chickens do fluff feathers this is normal) 


We do not take chances on our poultry's health and the care we give our chickens 
Any seller that does not USE ANY preventative medications for their chickens may be risking their chickens health, and your health as well.
Starting in 2012 ALL chickens sold will be vaccinated for Marek's, wormed twice, sprayed or powdered for mites, and medicated with antibacterial liquid and/or other medicines to prevent diseases. But our chickens beaks are humanely NOT clipped. Plus colored leg banded for proof. We offer only the best at Blue Star Ranch.



Eggs from healthy, well fed chickens should be dark orange, What your chickens eat not only effects their health, but your diet too as you eat the eggs. Feed your chickens well.


When You Purchase Chickens

Most hens will lay about five eggs a week for a solid three years or more. (depending on breed of chicken) And then slowly decrease a few eggs per week for the next several years. This means your family will get fresh healthy eggs when ever you want them. (depending on how you raise your chickens)


Remember, most hens will lay about five eggs a week for a solid three years or more. (depending on breed of chicken) And then slowly decrease a few eggs per week for the next several years. This means your family will get fresh healthy eggs when ever you want them. (depending on how you raise your chickens)

So most hens can lay about 5 eggs a week (on average) for 3 years! this adds up to about 65 DOZEN EGGS with a value estimated at $390.00 (fresh farm eggs are $4 - $7 a dozen)

This is what YOU get for a $10-$35 pullet/hen! Take good care of your hens!

Costs Of Growing Chickens

The prices of feed, medicines and supplies keep going up and up even higher still..... Some sellers breed and sell chickens as a  "bargin deal" for $10 or $15 a full sized hen. That seller is really losing money, Many of these "backyard breeders" are putting themselves out of business by not adding up the real costs of raising chickens! Those sellers are here today and gone tomorrow! Also, Some chicken owners want to sell chickens "fast" at a bargain deal.. (beware of these sellers too because they are selling their poultry cheap for a reason!)


So if there are "profits" its made in micro pennies, this is why MOST sellers that sell hens at $10-$15 are losing well, about $8.00 -$10.00 for each chicken they sell....Sometimes other sellers can reduce the care they give chickens to save money. Many sellers do not consider these high costs, nor working 7 days a week in cold rainy or hot weather conditions to make a few pennies. Blue Star Ranch DOES NOT cut corners when raising quality chickens!

Remember you get what you pay for. You are getting your eggs from these chickens. Do you buy sour milk, or spoiled meat or even stale bread because its a "bargin" of course not. Be sure to shop for the BEST quality poultry like you do your other food. So BEWARE! of purchasing $10 bargin chickens. "Bargin chickens" May not be your best choice!  A quality chicken seller or breeder provides excellent care for the poultry and asks fair pricing based on age, breed and size of chickens. Ask the seller for guarantees in writing.

When Shopping for Chickens

When you shop around for chickens, be wary if the sellers prices are "too good to be true" or, if a seller wants to sell quickly. Some backyard operations want to meet you in a parking lot and sell you chickens. If the seller will not let you examine the coops pens, chickens, or runs for humane poultry conditions, this may be a clue to shop somewhere else. Examine the chicken's overall health and coop area closely for before purchase. Blue Star has been selling quality chickens for YEARS. We welcome your visit and are proud to show you our coops and how a well run chicken farm can be.

Probiotics "The Power Of Nature" from Fordyce Films on Vimeo.


We do barter/trade as well. If you want chickens or fresh farm eggs! (NPIP.tx)
If your family needs chickens and price is a concern, or if you like good old fashioned "swapping!" consider bartering/trading for up to 50% and cash for remaining balance 50%. In some cases, we will barter/swap/trade for 100% Most folks have a few unwanted items in storage.
Note: We DO NOT barter/trade our hens for roosters.