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Lets See What Happy Customers Have Said:



My husband and I recently visited Blue Star Ranch and we were both very impressed. The chicks and pullets were so happy and alert and were all running around having a good time. So many to choose from, lots of varieties, colors and ages. We truly enjoyed meeting Mary Ann and are grateful to her wonderful care of poultry. She goes out of her way to make sure all, and I do mean all, of the chicks receive the very best care and attention. We ended up purchasing three beautiful healthy pullets to join our existing flock of hens. Thank you Mary Ann for your passion for chickens! SAMANTHA WILKES

Mary Ann, 
This is the first egg! Thank you so much! I will be sure to follow your directions on the website. Thanks again, BECKY
(Here is a photo at the left of fresh eggs from Becky's new chickens! Always worth recording for keepsakes.)
We are glad to post 1st egg photos! You are welcome Becky! Mary Ann

We found the Blue Star Ranch when seeking new chickens for our flock and were pleased that what was said is true. This is a great operation and we were very suprised at the "lack of odor" at the coops.  She explained proper compost balance for chickens health and how to keep coop clean for chickens. My wife and I have seen the best, her comments are very helpful. We bought our chickens and we will be back! MR.& MRS FRED DAVIDSON (Spring Tx)

Our family made a one hour trip to see the Blue Star Ranch. We were VERY impressed with the quality of care that the chickens received and the amazing way that the chicken coops were arranged for the poultry. Thumbs up to Mary Ann she knows what she is doing. I recommend anyone to visit her if you want chickens. AMANDA GATES (Katy, Tx)


I bought chickens for my Dad as a present and did not know a thing about chickens. Mrs Fordyce is a nice lady and helped me choose several breeds for our small pen. My Dad is so happy. This place IS NEAT! (KAYLA R. AGE 17) (Missouri City Tx)


Way to go Joe! Here is a very happy young man that just collected eggs from chickens the first time. This is the FIRST EGG! Keep up the good work Joe!
"I tried the organic probiotics and it REALLY works. I find a fresher smell in the coop and my chickens seem to be much healthier since adding to drinking water and the using to clean the coop. If you have chickens, give probiotics a try"  Kelso Martin  Hempstead TX