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blue star ranch chickens


More News From Texas Best Country Magazine! Texas Original ‘Chicken Lady’ Shares Expert Tips for Raising Chickens in Your Backyard



Owner Blue Star Ranch 
"The Chicken Lady"
Mary Ann Fordyce
"I believe in the power of Chrisal's Stabiotic products for my chickens health. Its the ONLY brand that I recommend and use in our own chicken coops. No farm should be without these natural probiotic products. Bad bacteria that cause diseases in animals is the WORST predator. You can't see the bacteria like the other predators that harm your chickens. This is why you need Organic Chrisal's Stabiotics for your farm animals"

Here Is Opening Day At Hudson Bend Coop! Best Selection  Of Pullets & Hens In Texas! 

laying hens for sale


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NEW!!!! "Coopons" for Gift Giving!

Stories & News About Chickens

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QUACK! QUACK! Chickens VS. Ducks on The Homestead

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AMAZING! All Black Chicken! Bones, Meat, Heart!

OMG! 'Surrogate Hens' Lay Eggs Of Rare Chicken Breeds

NEWEST! Free Range Hens Lay Eggs With 30% MORE Vitamin D

NEAT! Why The Chicken Got Domesticated

WHAT? Chickens Aren't "Bird Brained" Maybe Even Intelligent As Primates & Mammals

High Quality Blue Star Ranch Chickens Have/Use:


LOOK! The Chicken Lady Is On TCR!

Blue Star Ranch Finances Coops!

Blue Star Ranch Chickens originate only from parent stock that are certified US Pullorum -Typhoid (NPIP.TX) and US Avian Influenza clean. Further, we do not attend poultry shows or exhibitions that could affect our chickens health.  

(its important to purchase your chickens from one location that is free from diseases and NOT to trade or purchase fertile eggs for hatching, chicks, pullets or hens of any age. Mixing your flocks with poultry of unknown health may spread serious or fatal illnesses in your flocks)

(We do not ship chickens, consider asking a friend or family member to pick up chickens and meet you halfway if distance is a consideration.)

 Here at Blue Star Ranch we offer "eggspert" ™ advice on our website for the raising and care of natural healthy cage free chickens. Blue Star Ranch customers are from all parts of Texas and we do have chickens in all seasons year round even if they are hard to find in your part of town. We are located about an hour from the Houston Texas general area. Also, located close to: Katy, Waller, Bryan College Station, Austin, San Antonio, Brenham and more. Most seasons Blue Star Ranch houses pullets of all ages and many popular breeds. Each season the breeds will vary based on availability. Start shopping at Blue Star Ranch when you want to start a fun and recreational backyard hobby, or if you want to start your own business, Blue Star Ranch is the best choice you can make as we offer a good selection of the most popular breeds.  We have many ages and breeds of chickens for sale: baby chicks, started pullets, hens and chickens and egg laying hens for sale. Blue Star hens are handled and socialized daily so they make great pets. Or, you can choose hens for egg production. Started pullets and laying hens are available year round.

You can select a whole flock of egg laying hens and they can start laying eggs tomorrow! Or choose pullets that will be laying their first eggs in a few weeks. NEW! colored and numbered legbands free! Shop for chickens or started pullets online and learn about poultry from our real daily farm life. Rule #1 a happy and healthy hen....makes eggs! Blue Star Ranch is BEST the place to shop for chickens and egg laying hens. Now at Blue Star Ranch you can choose all ages of poultry. Baby chicks grow very fast so may be available for some seasons. From baby chicks, to started pullets. (young hens not laying yet) In our poultry growing pens year round at Blue Star Ranch we have the most popular breeds of chickens for sale: White Leghorns, Black Australorp, Rhode Island Red, Plymouth Barred Rock, and Buff Orpingtons As well as the blue/green egg layers the very colorful Americanas or "Easter Eggers" We do of course carry other breeds too. Please call us to "hold" your chicken order. No prepayment or deposit required! There are many easy and cost saving ways to care for and enjoy your chickens or started pullets so they will be productive and happy layers for years to come.

This Is A Blue Star Day!

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rhode island red, barred rock, leghorns chickens


Plus! New Blue Star Ranch Blog! Make Your Own "Automatic Bug Feeder" FREE Chicken Treats (BLOG # 4)

FEATURE ARTICLE - Country World News - Blue Star Ranch

free range organic chickens


Also, be sure to read the forum at Backyard Chickens. It's a good place on the web for beginners to start your research and study more about chickens. If you request answers to questions, or post questions at Backyard Chickens, understand that not everyone there has real farm experience with chickens so you may get a complete range of differing answers to your questions. So do use your discretion at everything posted or researched here. 


Our natural and cage free chickens are never caged and roam free in the large open range pens. Did you know that fresh farm eggs can be a healthy food for your body?  We raise and keep the most popular breeds of standard egg layers, meat breeds too, as well as dual purpose heritage breeds, fancy and even rare breeds of chickens. We have many laying hens to assure that you can always add fresh new layers to your coop.

Fresh New Chickens - Hens - Pullets - or Chicks - to Start Your Backyard Flock of Chickens Today! 




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laying hens, chickens

LOL! Raising Chickens IS VERY ADDICTIVE  Very Funny & Short Video Clip! 

"Poop" Chart Healthy Chickens WARNING GRAPHIC

chickens for sale blue star ranch

Our chickens at Blue Star Ranch can lay eggs in ALL colors. Blue, White, Brown, Pink, Tan, Yellow, Green and more! Standard breeds and now dark laying and rare breeds too. 

Why Raise Chickens? 
Here are a few of the most frequently expressed reasons people raise chickens:  
  • Easy and inexpensive to maintain (when compared to most other pets)
  • Eggs that are fresh, great-tasting & nutritious
  • Chemical-free bug and weed control
  • Manufacture the worlds best fertilizer
  • Fun & friendly pets with personality  
Certified Humanely Raised Poultry
Our coops exceed standard conditions for the raising and care of poultry (and its a nice place to visit!)

Plus,"eggspert" advice on the phone or in person to help you get started with your own flock. Our goal is to raise and care for our chickens, offer the chickens a wonderful and natural cage free life. We want to teach correct and humane care of poultry. In raising chickens, there is a "balance" that Blue Star Ranch has developed the proper amounts of light, heat, fresh air, good foods, bacteria and coop to hen ratio that will ensure a healthy chicken. We strive to always give the best of the best.

If you are new to having chickens in your backyard let us save you time and money and we will raise your chickens for you! simply come and choose your new flock of laying hens (most are laying eggs NOW!) You can have fresh eggs for breakfast tomorrow.